Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 8.23.24 AMA few days ago you received your Forecast Video for November, 2013.

It contains must-see information to help you understand and leverage the major shift unfolding right now.

Watch it here:

Pluto and Uranus form an exact square today. It is the fourth of seven meetings of these two planets, which continue through early 2015 and began in 2011.

What makes today’s and Sunday’s Scorpio Solar Elipse astro-numerology so intense are the extraordinary codes.

Look at today’s number activation:

  • Pluto forms an exact square to Uranus on 11.1.2013 – a 9 Universal Date.
  • … while Pluto and Uranus are forming their 90 degree square in Capricorn and Aries TODAY at 9 Degrees!

So the astrological degree number AND the Universal Date are the SAME number – 9 on the SAME day.

Number 9 in numerology governs a culmination. It is the final single digit number from one through nine, so it symbolizes endings and release. 9 also contains all the wisdom of the previous 8 numbers. That is why it visibly looks like it has a ‘big head’ at the top, signifying great knowledge and wisdom.

So, if you are releasing unsupportive people, getting rid of physical things you don’t need anymore or letting go of beliefs that are impeding progress in your life – that is to be expected.

9 lies in the “emotional triad” of numerology numbers, so your feelings will be heightened – imperative for any release!

Then on Sunday 11.3.2013 we’ll experience the second powerful astro-numerology event.

Again the code is spectacular:

  • The Scorpio Solar Eclipse occurs on 11.3.2013 – an 11 Universal Date.
  • …while the Sun and Moon are conjunct (New Moon Eclipse) at 11 Degrees!

So once again the astrological degree number AND the Universal Date are the SAME number – 11!

11 is the ‘Gateway’ number, literally looking like two columns you walk through to experience an awakening. You are completely embracing the unknown, stepping into your freedom as you celebrate Double New Beginnings.

So, notice that we have the number of culmination, release and Endings, 9, followed two days later by the Master Number 11 of Double New Beginnings lined up in two powerful consecutive celestial events.

Endings and beginnings mean, we are at a crossroads.

The shift that began when the Mayan Calendar ended and began a new cycle on 12.21.2012 was also an 11 Universal Date.

This year, and especially right now, we are stepping up to the NEXT level in our rebirth and transformation.

In order to shift, we must let go of the past first. That is only natural.

Birth – Death – Rebirth.

So, the natural divine order of the universe has brought us a powerful release and endings code today in order to prepare us for Sunday’s big push into new, uncharted territory.

This way we are making room for a new perspective, a brand new set of experiences.

Without clearing out old patterns, our mind and emotions will be too cluttered to even recognize – let alone embrace – transformation and change

Your beliefs, decisions and actions are a reflection of your actual thoughts.

If you see the truth, but choose to deny it, you cannot move forward with joy, passion and confidence.

Self-denial is the greatest denial.

Any denial of Who You Are – a great, powerful creator – always results in pain

You see amazing opportunities, you see glimpses of your divinity, yet you may choose to deny these.

How do you deny your wisdom and power?

By twisting your intuitive insights into preconceived notions of what you think you “must do”.

You choose the conventional way, not the divinely inspired way.

This moment right now is about Acceptance.

Acceptance of your own innate power is the first step to complete Freedom, to unlimited Prosperity.

Accept Who You Are and let go of the rest.

Allow the shift to happen.

Dedicated to Your Prosperity,

Tania Gabrielle

Nov 2013 Forecast Video Pic

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  1. Kim November 1, 2013 at 10:19 am - Reply

    Very insightful and totally appreciated!

  2. Nena J. Bond November 1, 2013 at 12:18 pm - Reply

    Tania, you are magnificent! Everything you have said is “right on” in regard to my situation!

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