lawyeramal_amaluddinThe debate about whether Amal Alamuddin should have changed her name to Amal Clooney is raging online.

Even the website for the law firm Alamuddin works for crashed on Tuesday after it was revealed that the human rights attorney changed her name to “Amal Clooney” on her profile page.

Wikipedia has changed her name to “Amal Clooney” as well.

From my perspective, there is only ONE important factor to consider in any name change:

Is the new spelling a fortunate one?

In Amal Clooney’s case the answer is – NO.

Every name vibrates to a specific number that is positive, neutral or negative. Since you choose your current name, you also have the power to change it if it’s not helping you.

“Amal Clooney” adds up to 13/4 in the ancient Chaldean system that I use for current names.

With a 13 current name number, upheaval is never far away. 13 is associated with tremendous power. If used selfishly, it will attract destruction. So, when someone’s CURRENT name adds up to 13, there is always a warning of the unknown and unexpected.

It’s why I never recommend this name number to my clients.

(Please remember that 13 is not a negative number in any other regard – whether for your day of birth, birth name or Life Purpose Number. This ONLY applies to current names.)

On the other hand, her previous name “Amal Alamuddin” carries a neutral vibration, 20/2.

Names that resonate to 20 bring an extraordinary awakening at some point during life. Patience is needed with this name number since it requires overcoming occasional delays and obstacles. So people with 20 current names need a lot of faith in their ability to transform.

This is why I’ve given it the ‘neutral’ designation.

Supposedly Amal was searching for the perfect mate for a long time, so the patience factor definitely applied to her!

Now that she’s married and wants to take on her husband, “George Clooney’s” last name, here is what I would have recommended she do:

Use the spelling “Amal Alamuddin Clooney”.

Amal Alamuddin Clooney adds up to an amazing 24/6 current name.

24 is a most fortunate vibration. This name number brings so many blessings that you actually have to guard against arrogance and over-indulgence, since everything comes so effortlessly.

Now, if you want to make sure YOUR current name is supporting you, be sure to invest in your “Is My Name Fortunate?” report.

Without this knowledge, you’ll always wonder – do I have a name that is helping me express my gifts easily, or causing unnecessary blockages and obstacles?

Check the names of your kids. Do it for your partner.

It is REALLY that important.

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Just imagine how many obstacles will disappear for you with a fortunate name!

Love and Blessings,


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