An Extraordinary Week Ahead…

We’ve entered an extraordinary week after a very invigorating Gemini Full Moon!

The week of December 4 begins with a powerful energy surge that carries a sense of excitement and anticipation.

It’s a fabulous time for you to get charged up about your divine mission.

Go deeply into the true reasons you are (or are not) motivated to move mountains in order to fulfill your destiny…

Here’s what’s in store for you this week:

  • On Tuesday Chiron stations direct at 24° igniting your passionate attention to nurture, heal and love others.
  • On Wednesday Mercury retrograde sextiles Mars creating an urge to look at the direction you’ve chosen to express your message.
  • On Saturday Mars enters Scorpio, its ancient home sign, generating a deep purging desire for success… Your energy is HIGH!
  • On Sunday Mercury retrograde trines Uranus for some genius fireworks, as your desire for independence creates a glow of new thrilling ideas.

These star code events are beckoning you to step up!

Since December’s 13/4 Universal Month is activating a desire for Empowerment through Transformation, the combination of these star-code events is unleashing a powerful urge to evolve.

  • Mars inspires with courage, energy and ACTION.
  • Chiron unveils deep empathy that evolves through the HEART.
  • Uranus thrills us so we are excited to BREAK FREE from limitations.

Allow this moment to inspire you to make changes in your life… to break free from those outdated beliefs about yourself that are TOTALLY irrelevant and putting a damper on your progress.

Freely explore what is burning to be expressed within your soul.

See where your newfound commitment leads you.

Think progressively, feel fully engaged and commit totally to your desired outcome!

The ultimate goal is always fulfillment and happiness.

And that is what Wednesday’s 2018 Ultimate Yearly Forecast livestream will unleash inside of you – an incredible array of powerful information about the future, and HOW you can use it to manifest the positive outcomes ALL year long.

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Prepare for your BEST year ever by discovering …

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  • My secret list of most fortunate “Prosperity Portal Days” for every month of the yearwhen the stars & numbers are synchronized for the greatest success!

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Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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