We’ve all experienced ‘Aha!’ moments in hindsight, after suffering or thinking our way through a crisis.

How would life feel if we had constant ‘Aha!’ moments during a challenge, no matter how large or small. How would it feel if we entered each experience with no expectations and no desires to manipulate the outcome?

How would it feel to INTUIT our way through life?

The first step towards living authentically is to welcome the truth about how we are feeling. Feelings are neither negative or positive. They are only the truth as we experience it at that time.

During April – a 9 Universal Month in 2012 – the Wisdom of our Feelings is being brought into focus.

When you express your truth with love, negative consequences rarely occur. If they do occur it is usually because the other person or people have chosen to experience YOUR truth in a way that is negative. Just know, that in this scenario, there is absolutely nothing you can do except to move on and release that person by saying “As You Wish.”

If you don’t express your truth, because you fear someone else will not accept it, you are sabotaging yourself and the relationship.

Yet, many people do this all the time.

Why is this?

Because we don’t want to feel uncomfortable. We are afraid to confront issues which we know might be challenged, so instead, we choose to remain silent. Or worse, we don’t tell the truth.

Here is something that has really helped me remain clear and in integrity during a challenge:

It is much more important how you share your message than how it is received.

In this 5 year of Freedom this is more true than ever.

You can’t ever be responsible for how another person receives your truth! All you can do is to share your feelings in the most calm, concise, peaceful, courageous, sensitive, complete and loving way possible. So that the other person does not feel attacked, but has a chance to see YOU authentically.

The soul speaks to you through FEELINGS.

Your soul cannot express half-truths.

This sometimes means you have to share a negative feeling, right? It is HOW you share it – not destructively and defensively, but calmly, that matters. If you fail to give voice to your negative feelings for fear of discomfort just know, your feelings will not disappear. You are just keeping them inside to grow inside your body and create more worry and possible depression.

You don’t need to express every negative feeling to another person. All you must do is to communicate a message, when NOT doing so would COMPROMISE your integrity or allow the other person to believe you are on board with something you are not.

This is why getting your feelings out without judgment is so important. Look at them, experience them fully.

Make sure your feelings are not ‘reactions’ but true, authentic emotions.

Make sure your feelings are real and not defensive reactions before sharing them. Feelings are the language of your soul. Thoughts are the language of your mind. If you confuse your thoughts with your feelings, you will not get clarity and release – you will only be defending your self image.

Very often people confuse their thoughts as feelings. Thoughts are only based on your past experiences. A thought cannot experience this moment. Only your feelings are real.

To BE is to FEEL.

Welcome each moment without expectation. Without previous thoughts about it.

Don’t re-live the past, CREATE this moment FRESH!

You’ll notice then how life becomes a creative experience, not a process of re-creation.

Create Who You WANT to Be. Choose to be real. Choose to be kind – to yourself and others.

May your April be blessed with Joy,

Tania Gabrielle

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  1. Ben April 18, 2012 at 12:29 am - Reply

    I agree, confronting things that make us uncomfortable is a big thing to do for positive change, especially that stuff inside us we may not want to explore. The negative emotions, patterns, memories and other stuff that is making us feel bad.

    But this temporary discomfort is definately worth it in the end, it has improved my life majorly!


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