wowwowwowI received a comment on one of my Daily Inspirational Quotes on YouTube last week that struck me.

I’d like to share it with you – and give my response.

“Dear Tania (really love your work, BTW!)  I watched this after 4/15 is now past (it's almost 1 AM  on 4/16.)  It was painful to listen to your enthusiasm about the glories of 4/15, as for ME it was a lousy, frustrating, apparently time-wasting day, just as was 4/14, BTW.  I am sure missing out the magic & transformation, the Jupiterian Joy, etc. etc!!!

“Not blaming you in the least for bringing us this exuberant message —  instead, I'm wondering: How come I missed out on the magic?  — On top of everything, I pulled a muscle/tendon 1.5 weeks ago, so I've been hobbling & in pain since then… What gives? Are some of us excluded from astrological blessings? If so, why???  Oy!!!”

 Xoxoxo Ann

This is a great question!

No one is excluded from astrological blessings, Ann. There are many variables when it comes to how we experience divine celestial movements in our lives.

Your personal Astro-Numerology birth chart is unique – and so the effect of each planetary movement will affect you in a completely unique way.

The recent Eclipse Cycle in March and April (and the ending and current dissipation of Pluto/Uranus squaring each other for three years) created a major period of break-throughs.

If you're experiencing a “break-down”, are you not wanting to see something? Do you see the hidden symbolism in your experience?

Are you recognizing the amazing (and absolutely necessary) opportunity to get really quiet, to reflect and look WITHIN instead to the outside for answers?

When life deals you a “blow”, and you're wondering why, ask yourself clear questions.

  1. What do I truly want?
  1. How does this situation or a certain person make me feel?

Pay close attention. When you answer, does the feeling create tears of relief? Tears of joy? Tears of sadness? Chills down your spine? Knots in your solar plexus or throat area?

Those are your visceral, simple, clear tools of recognition.

Reflection brings clarity.

Clarity rekindles and fuels your inner fire.

Your environment is a reflection of your energetic emotional state. Look closely at it. And look closely at your attitude at how you perceive life.
If you are dissatisfied or unresolved about core issues – relationships, where you live, your vocation, financial abundance – that's good!

It's a clue, it's feedback!

Now go into a place of gratitude, openness and trust instead of fear or frustration. This is how you are instantaneously set free of feeling “enslaved” by life’s circumstances (which are created solely by you in the first place).

Being OPEN allows you to embrace ALL of life.

Everyone is dealt challenges. No one is exempt.

It could be the death of a close friend or family member, a divorce, a health crisis, or losing your job.

Or it could be the challenge we take upon ourselves to initiate growth and expansion.

Challenging moments inspire you to act and to move, and are activated by strong celestial energies on an important point in your personal birth chart, thereby bringing a great energetic intensity into your life.

These periods create an intricate dance between your personal vibrational state – and universal forces

All is in play at any given moment!

Which is great news, since it also means – a shift in either direction can happen in an instant!

You hold in your hands the most powerful tool of all, the tool that leads to freedom – and that is your ability to consciously re-cognize! An awareness that generates clarity.

Being cognisant of your actions is a recognition of truth.

Hope is renewed when you look forward, and that happens when you fully invest only in what brings meaning to you.

So focus on what radiates you with joy. Focus on how you feel AS you answer these questions.

It's the first, and often the only step to understand and release pain.

Blessings, whether astrological or numerological, whether in a fortunate name or other divination art, ALL blessings arise from taking time to tune into the thing, person, place,  idea – and paying attention to HOW it makes you FEEL – the meaning it has to you.

If it’s negative, clear it – discard it – stop putting more energy into it.

If it’s supportive, embrace it – nurture it – enhance it, honor it with your full attention!

Either way, you are blessed.

This is the moment you have a love affair with LIFE!

Love and Blessings,







  1. Lola April 20, 2015 at 11:33 am - Reply

    Well said!!! Thank you for your guidance through these difficult periods, they have been beacons of hope! I had three major shifts in my life and I truly do believe majority of my success was due to your kindness.
    Thank you from my soul 🙂

  2. Ilana April 20, 2015 at 11:48 am - Reply

    Thank you Tania, this might be on of the most useful emails I have received from you! We are not just “victims” of astrology or numerology 🙂 How we perceive the incoming energies determines our experience of them. This was so helpful, thanks again!

  3. Judith Fine-Sarchielli April 27, 2015 at 8:11 pm - Reply

    Please sign me up for your newletter/ Couldn’t find where to do it on your site. Thanks/

  4. leisel huggins May 4, 2015 at 7:52 pm - Reply

    First time I am reading your writing. It was so intuitive and spot on with my life right now.It was an explanation. It resonated with me.

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