Screen Shot 2013-07-12 at 2.19.39 PMI’ve received lots of requests to check the numbers  surrounding the tragic Asiana plane crash on July 7 in San Francisco.

On that day sudden events, challenging and positive, were certainly in the air.

(As they are today as well – it’s a 16/7 Date in a 13/4 Universal Month.)

Last Sunday, the number 7 merged with the Universal Month Number of 13 to create sudden shifts brining on moments that can range from ‘AHA!’ moments to life-changing events.

In my July Forecast Video I revealed why out-of-the-blue, even shocking experiences are part of any 13/4 cycle, and how in July we ALSO have a profound activation of the 4 and 8 code – an intense, karmic lineup in astro-numerology.

Here is how the incredlible intensification of number 7 unfolded during the Asiana crash:

– The plane was a Boeing 777
– The accident occurred on 7.7
– The flight number was 214 = 7
– There were the very tragic deaths of two Chinese school girls, both 16/7 years old
– 16/7 crew members were on board the plane
– 307 total people were on board
77 were South Koreans
– 61/7 were Americans

These numbers are absolutely stunning.

This illustrates once again how an intensification of one (or more) numbers magnifies into tremendous shifts, enabling us to focus our attention on that numbers’ meaning.

For the passengers and crew on board flight 214 on July 7 the code activated most likely coincided with additional astro-numerology numbers in their personal charts.

Here are some meanings for the number 7:

7 symbolizes sudden flashes of understanding – intuitive hits.

7 resembles a lightning strike, that comes “out of nowhere.”

7 is made up of two lines that open down to the left and point upwards to divine wisdom on the right.

We may ask, in this case, whether the four pilots were not using their intuition to guide the plane to a safe landing?

And how wonderfully amazing is it that so few people were killed or hurt?

Obviously many compassionate and intuitive people supported each other to empty that doomed plane as quickly as possible!

Numbers are powerful symbols.

In case of the 7, if you're not “tuning in” to your intuition, then 7 events and dates will attract “wake up calls”.

Interpret the language of symbols in our life – past present and future – and you hold the key to your destiny.

Numerology is an invaluable tool YOU can us to create a fulfilling and prosperous life!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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