Welcome August! Month of planting new seeds, embarking on new creative journeys, and mining innovative ideas.

Playful and Peaceful energy is gracing your life this month.

8.2019 resonates to a 20 Universal Month – and is a great preview of 2020!

20 brings energy into harmony.

And since Mercury the Messenger stationed direct just hours ago, August begins with an invitation to open your mind and mine new treasures.

What you discover and uncover will bring inner peace.

First off we are experiencing Mercury’s initial standstill at 23° Cancer.

As the Royal Star of the Lionnumber, 23 EMBOLDENS as you go on a quest to fulfill your heart’s desire.

Take control of how you respond to challenges and opportunities – since BOTH define your commitment to growth… so exult in what brings you pleasure and boldly shine your inner Light.

Give precious time to cultivating what brings you joy.

Be super conscious of every breath you take, what you’re about to speak into sound, what your mind is thinking on…

Cultivating goodness means consciously weeding out what’s not high vibrational.

When your conscience is clear, you express good vibrations!

Clear the cobwebs of your mind here and now.

Don’t wait until later.

Tomorrow’s jewels are polished with love today.

Then follow Leo’s call and get creative.

This month, due to the activation of the number 20,  you are laying seeds for 2020.

  • Every day will deliver new opportunities to feel peace and harmony – especially when you access the open fields of your immense imagination.

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Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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