Yellow-Orchid-yellow-rare-orchids-very-elegance-beautiful-Clara and I just returned from beautiful Belize where we had the most amazing vacation – a transcendent immersion with nature positive vibrations and peace.

Even with Hurricane Earl in the mix!

Hurricane Earl was included in our adventure, as it turns out. It’s the first time Clara and I experienced a hurricane… 10 hours of never-ending winds and rain… and a sudden quiet as the eye of the storm passed over us. It’s an unexpected adventure that inevitably included a powerful internal recalibration as well.

What needed to be addressed – a greater exploration of feelings, seeing unresolved issues – were churned up by the energetics of the winds and rain and made visible.

And this “making visible” theme is being generated ALL of August.

In fact, today’s incredible 8-8-8 code of triple immortality and infinity is an activation of your internal lion-hearted courage which is being strengthened to a greater degree than ever:

August 8 is merged with August – the 8th month of the year. And in 2016 August is also a 17/8 Universal Month magnifying the infinity number of strength and courage.

This powerful 8 energy in August was even more enhanced right at the onset of the month by the amazing Leo New Moon (on August 2) – that’s when the vibrational alignment to the universe stepped up into Manifestation Mode.

A strong call-to-action to love the Light inside of you.

Create and speak and do everything from that place of loving yourself first.

It is only because of darkness (and the dark skies during the New Moon play a part here) – that light is possible!

There is nothing you can’t overcome through the power of your own soul. Look inside yourself and find that loving force. Tap into its endless stream of divine knowledge, light and creativity and you will come to know your own LIGHT.

What you focus on this month leaves behind a long legacy.

So be super clear about your moment-to-moment intentions.

Let go of thinking things through before you feel things through.

FEEL the spiritual connection to the earth and the universe. Feel and then manifest.

You come from stardust, you were created in the stars in this world of space and time – and to the stars you will return.

Connect with your infinite soul, your divine origins.

Beyond this reality breathes a multidimensional life force that is eternal.

8 is a symbol of that eternal force.

8 is the only number you can draw forever without lifting your pen…

Within this eternal source of love and light is an infinite space that lives inside of you.

Merge with the river of life, jump in! Flow with it into the great ocean of your soul.

Don’t hold onto things. Keep flowing. Everything is meant to transform constantly… Yet, at the same time, in the spiritual dimension everything is forever.

This Law of Opposites is reflected everywhere – light and dark.

Embrace the Entire Experience.

Leave no part of it out.

The entire space, the great ocean is inside of you.

You can’t lose anything or find anything, there is no distance nor time, there is only love.

Breathe in love and you breathe in the most fortunate outcome every time.

Many Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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