August Brings Bounty, Beginnings & Blessings

Welcome August, 2018 ~ when new beginnings reign!

August is a game-changer month:

  • 2018 is an 11 Universal Year.
  • 8.2018 adds up to 19 which reduces to 10 and 1.
  • A final eclipse –  the Leo New Moon – happens on August 11.

That’s a lot of new beginnings energy all at once!

Even though personal planets Mars and Mercury are in retrograde, the energy is shifting noticeably this month.

We are acclimating to ways of being and thinking never before experienced…

Expansion and excitement that even exceeds our imagination!

19 is an especially magical number. 1, the first single digit, is merged with 9, final single digit, to make up 19.

  • Thus, 19 encompasses the complete gamut of experience and wisdom.

The ancient Chaldean priests called 19 the “Prince of Heaven” number – a symbol of the SUN.

Like the Sun, 19 enlightens and brightens, while instilling intelligence from many dimensions – including messages from the stars and universes!

19 adds up to 10, the symbol of “Instant Manifestation”.

1 is a straight line, and 0 the circle. Joined as the number 10 we have direction and completion, sacred masculine and divine feminine symbolizing Source, Spirit, the Universe.

  • 10 and 19 remind you of your LIGHT and divine ability to MANIFEST at will.

Finally, number 10 reduces to single digit 1 – new beginnings, a fresh new breeze, birth – a new life.

In our 11 Universal Year of double new beginnings, August’s 19/10/1 delights and inspires us with creative ideas, inspiration and a delightful surge of confidence.

is the vibration of Leadership.

Leadership inspired by your inner Light!

follows inspiration and CREATES.

Shine a light on every experience, every moment, and draw out the highest vibration.

The Astro-Numerology Code for August, 2018 signifies the dawn of a new era:

Since 19 symbolizes the Sun, and the Sun is in LEO for the next three weeks (Leo is the sign that the Sun rules) – and the LEO New Moon Eclipse on August 11 – your life feels LUMINOUS!

As we move through August, notice all expressions of Light.

Notice what is being illuminated.

Our star, the Sun, illuminates the entire world. Our star shines equally on every living Soul on this planet.

You are BORN of the same Light that created the Sun and stars.

  • This month, you will feel more than ever, that the light in your heart is present – and eternal.
  • You will feel and consciously engage with the flame of love that connects you to everyone – every being, star system, galaxy and universe.

Be open to rebirth…

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Listen to a free excerpt for August's magical number 19 here.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle



  1. Mandi McInerney August 6, 2018 at 7:34 pm - Reply

    Tania IM FREAKING OUT with excitement
    So it’s rare to have 3 in a month #august2018.
    Well please tell me what this means for me?
    My sun, moon & rising signs are
    Pisces Sun. Leo Moon. Pisces Rising
    25 Feb 1983 is my birthday born around 7am Melbourne Australia time
    AND the number 9 is my only favourite number. 3×3=9. I’m currently single and have taken steps for needed ‘culs’ from my lifestyle

    The other night I totally had a moment with mars – I got shivers which taking the best photo on my phone.

    Any advice. Should I actually be doing something or could this be bad for me

    Ps: Just discovered you also & you have rocked my world so far…

    #newbeginnings #cosmosadvice #august2018

    • Tania
      Tania August 22, 2018 at 3:28 pm - Reply

      Mandi, Happy to meet you! So glad you enjoy the astro-numerology combo and how it helps us get clarity and confidence! In order to see the whole picture and answer any personal questions I need your full astro-numerology birth code, current cycles and transits/progressions/arcs in front of me… you definitely are on fire. 🙂

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