Happy news! A weeklong series of Venus activations bring wonderful blessings.

Venus plays a pivotal role in the Awakening in 2020 due to her alignment with beauty, pleasure, love and abundance.

Venus also governs our core values.

What you hold to be true.

It all begins TODAY and continues over the next week:

  • Venus (Beauty) sextiles Jupiter (Joy)
  • Venus (Values) squares Mars (Action)
  • Venus (Love) conjuncts Neptune (Spirituality)

Our main focus in 2020 is to SEE the Light, embrace it and live in the Light.

2020’s 4 Universal Year gives us the practical tools, inspires the commitment and responsibility to create the necessary life changes to allow Joy and Beauty into your life – consistently.

Be sure to watch the new Star Code Forecast and discover what Venus has in store for you!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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