Hawaii-Ocean-Wave-WallpaperThe BIG moment has arrived… the end of a three-year category 5 rollercoaster…

Your whole life has been waiting for this moment.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get more intense – it did! The last weeks and months have ramped up energy of change another notch.

Now we’ve arrived at the final event. The one that brings it to a close.

The waves in the storm got even bigger, and guess what! You made it through!

It’s the moment of no return.

You’ll never be able to go back to what was.

YOU have been changed – forever.

Here’s how your transformation completes over the next few days:

  • Eclipse Season launched with fireworks on March 20 with the 11:11 Solar Eclipse.
  • On 4.4. Eclipse Season culminates with a spectacular Total Lunar “Blood Moon” Eclipse at 14 degrees in Aries and Libra.
  • The long-term Pluto/Uranus Square is being reactivated by this Total Eclipse.Then on Sunday, the Sun Squares Pluto. On Monday the Sun Conjuncts Uranus!
  • Fiery Mars has moved into passionate Taurus and the Sun and Moon are in Aries and Libra – which are ruled by Mars and Venus – so this juxtaposition begins a major renewal of your Intimate Relationships and Partnerships.
  • Mercury conjuncts the Eclipse and Uranus/Pluto Square, so your PERCEPTION and way of THINKING about your life is never going to be the same again.
  • Jupiter moves direct again on April 8 – a pivotal moment for Jupiter to slow down and expand our blessings…
  • A magnificent Trine from Jupiter to the Sun, Uranus, Mercury Conjunction spells *MAGIC*.
  • On April 8 a Grand Fire Trine of Opportunity is triggered when the Moon is in Sagittarius – this completes the shift to calmer, fortunate climes…

April this year is 30 straight days of emotional 3 Energy. This is the month to FEEL your heart, to CONNECT with your dearest friends and to COMMUNICATE with total emotional honesty, as the heavenly code opens your tender heart to joy.

Here are a few tips to help you at this momentous crossroads into your new life:

  1. Connect with others in an intimate, fun, joyous, meaningful way.
  1. Allow your feelings to speak for themselves. You don’t need permission to feel anything. Allow your feelings to flow – whether that means crying in public (which is totally OK to do!) or laughing out loud for no good reason!
  1. Express who you are completely and authentically. This will give you great strength and confidence.
  1. Ask yourself what you need to feel emotionally fulfilled? Who allows you to be YOU?
  1. Be generous with love. Love as much as you can! There’s never enough love and laughter. April is the month to light up the world with your smile!
  1. Never fear intimacy. Open your heart to passion. A joyful life is exhilarating because you love living every moment to the nth degree!
  1. Understand that YOU are a living spark of Eternal Life. You will never die, and you carry the seed of all creation in your cells and your soul.

You have weathered a multi-year storm. So much has changed.

The transformation is nearly complete. I know it has seemed like it would never end. But it is.

You have purged so much. You didn’t know if you would make it.

You’ve reinvented so many parts of yourself.

This is when everything is released.

Don’t leave anything pending.

Look at your partnerships…they are a mirror for you.

Look at your environment…it is a measure of your energetic alignment.

And now look at how much you have mastered over the past few years.

Look at who you are… now.

You are magnificent. And you are reborn.

This rebirth in 2015 is about claiming your rightful place as an ABUNDANT being!

You are here to manifest blessings.

And that means, not shunning wealth, but welcoming abundance as a spiritual human being.

Inner richness is reflected outwardly.

Your Abundance Blueprint unveils all of your hidden blocks and gives you all relevant personal remedies, in order for you to step confidently and joyfully into your rightful place as an abundant being.

Click here to discover your Abundance Code.

This is the perfect time. Resistance is gone, and YOU are ready…

Love and Light,


P.S. The Abundance Blueprint includes your “Personal Shift Number”this is the secret part of your birth-code revealing important wealth-creation gifts specific to YOU – and how to use your numbers to monetize your soul’s gifts.



  1. Kimberly April 3, 2015 at 12:28 pm - Reply

    Tania, your forecast is amazing! You hit on a level of uniqueness about the times we are in like no one else out there. Approximately, three years ago to the date, I began a healing journey that would revolutionize my life. In the past few weeks, I have seen a surge of activity – that I believe is confirming all I have been working towards – has been “right” and brought me to this place in my life. The energy lately has also been insanely intense. Thank you for providing guidance and insight into these amazing times and for being a light for me and others. ~ Kim xox

  2. Danara April 11, 2015 at 5:20 am - Reply

    Tania, is a.m. work for everybody, not depending on a personality?
    thank you

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