This weekend the moon will appear 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter and make one of it’s most magnificent appearances in years.

It’s especially large because the exact moment of perigee (moon’s closest approach to Earth) coincides nearly a minute after the perfectly full moon. The full moon occurs at 11:34 p.m. EST on May 5, and the perigee will occur at 11:35 pm. To compare, during Last year’s Super Moon on March 19, the perigee and full moon were 50 minutes apart.

The Super Moon takes place at 16 degrees in Scorpio – Wow! Pay attention to your feelings this weekend! You are releasing patterns and beliefs about yourself that you no longer need from this day forward.

Watch your AstroNumerology video forecast for May here.

Speaking of Scorpio (the sign of life-death-rebirth), 2012 is a PRIME opportunity to confront our fear of change head-on. And since May, 2012 is a 10/1 Universal Month, the 1 frequency is enabling us to restart and begin fresh.

The keyword is NOW.

If you want to know where balanced, peaceful, happy people live their lives, their address is:

In THIS moment.

Connected, happy people are just… BEING.

You can go to this happy place instantly by breathing in deeply and proclaiming “I am home.

(It's actually really FUN!)

Being here, being present will allow nobody to push you around anymore. Nothing can make you afraid. There's only you to be accountable for.

When you live your life completely aware and present, worry is not an issue. Neither is regret.

Your future always takes care of itself when you focus on the PRESENT.

Can you imagine never worrying about what tomorrow or next month or next year will bring? How freeing would THAT be!

Well, it is within YOU to get to this place in 2012

2012 is the 5 Year of Freedom. The number 2 – symbolizing peace, communication and relationships – embraces the 01 on either side. 01 makes up the computer code and our universe. 01 is the female/male.

Now imagine the feminine/masculine balanced within you. Imagine compassion and passion in alignment informing how your think, feel and act. Now, decide to go to that place.

5 is the pivot point number. That means you are deciding this year like never before which direction you are taking.

Focus all of your attention on being free.

Only a free human being is a happy human being.

So how do you get there?

Freedom isn’t something you look for. A political prisoner can still be free. Freedom is a state of Being. And you can only BE now. You can’t be tomorrow, or later today and you can’t be yesterday or last year. You can only BE NOW.

As soon as you feel regret, worry, guilt, judge yourself or another, get anxious, sad and disappointed – you’ve invited fear into your life again.

Did you know that this is actually an inauthentic way to live? I mean, how can you be YOU when you’re living in regret and fear? All you’re doing is projecting past emotional stuff into your relationships, into your work, into your daily life. So, of course your passion for life dissipates. Yes, it can even dis-appear.

The first step is to accept yourself the way you are right now.

The second step is to be grateful for what you have. Being grateful will stir your deepest feelings, purifying your heart, so you can feel connected to Source again.

Then let go of all preconceived ideas of how you should be.

If you can’t go into a situation feeling calm, then stop. Breathe. Feel gratitude – for anything. Go within and re-balance.

Gratitude is the ultimate healer.

Practice touching everything with compassion and gratitude. Now you have arrived home, in the place we call heaven, the kingdom of God, nirvana, bliss, unconditional Love.

Take each moment as an adventure to explore the divine.

Decide every moment to be free.

Blessings and Love,



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  1. Catherine May 4, 2012 at 9:03 pm - Reply

    Thanks Tania for this excellent post .It really fits to my situation as I’m in the process of making a radical career change, home change & evan perhaps country change . Yes Fear is an obstacle to overcome , it can block the change process .Your post really gives me courage, determination & will to go for it .

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