Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are engaged after a 7-year romance.

The surprising news was confirmed by their publicist on Friday the 13th. A fitting day for both Angelina and Brad, as it turns out.

Brad has a 31/4 Life Purpose Number and Angelina was born on a 4 Day. So, it’s natural for the world to hear about their important news on a 13/4 Universal Day. Plus 13 is a number of surprises!

If you have a 4 or 8 in your birth numbers, 4 and 8 days (both personal and universal) will always carry an extra punch.

So how does their personal numerology explain this big event?

Let’s look at Brad Pitt first.

Right now, Brad is in a 16/7 Personal Year – a cycle of transformation and sudden events. 7 cycles bring reflection and intuitive insights. Often the pace of life slows down while, at the same time, changes arrive out-of-the-blue in order to prompt an awakening.

For Brad April, 2012 is a 20/2 Personal Month –  2 cycles always ask you to reflect on your relationships!

Of course, Angelina would have to rank as number one in that category for Brad. With his 16/7 year in effect as well, his proposal to her must have had an element of surprise!

As for Angelina’s numerology, she is undergoing a huge shift right now.

Her Personal Year in 2012 is a 14/5 until June when she moves into a 15/6 cycle.

5 years are always pivot points. As you know, we are all experiencing the 5 collectively right now, since 2012 = 5 Universal Year.

For Angelina this number is very personal. Both the 5 Universal Year and her 5 Personal Year are triggering her 32/5 Life Purpose Number (the total of her full birthday).

So her life is pivoting as we speak, and, at the same time – something is ending for her as well.

You can see this in her Personal Month for April, which is a 9. In a 9 cycle, not only will you feel, feel and feel some more, but you are also culminating something while transitioning to a new life – you are releasing the old and welcoming the new.

With BOTH the 5 and 9 personally active for Angelina this month, she’s experiencing a major transition. When Angelina enters her 15/6 Personal Year in June, she’ll be activating another important birth number of hers – her 96 Destiny Number (96 adds up to 15/6).

So, not only will Angelina’s work and career get a boost due to her Destiny Number but the 6 also guarantees that her love life, family and friends will be on the front burner.

Perfect for getting married…

I don’t know the actual date that Brad proposed to Angelina – of course those numbers would bring even more insights.

Suffice it to say, they are both ready for change – in a year of worldwide transformation.

The tremendous shift of 2012 is literally up-leveling all of us to a higher realm of self-understanding and joy. You and I are being recalibrated now so that we can access more power, clarity and prosperity.

During times of change EVERYTHING is magnified. So you definitely want positive, supportive and inspiring people and situations to elevate you now. You want to feel strong and powerful with all the changes coming at you.

Your name plays a HUGE role in helping or hindering your life. Your name is your spiritual calling-card.

In order for you to leverage 2012 in your favor, make sure your name is fortunate.

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