image for june 27Yes, it was a shock – some celebrating, some devastated about Britain’s exit “Brexit” vote to leave the European Union.

The world of business and investing doesn’t like uncertainty, but this moment is another powerful sign of rapid changes sweeping the world, not just financially, but on every level.

Rely on innovation, and allow creativity to guide you.

Accept all that is so.

This vote for the U.K. to leave the European Union happened…

  • …following that amazingly powerful “Grand Cross” during the FULL Moon in Sagittarius
  • …after the pivotal Solstice 12 hours later
  • …while Saturn moved to an exact square (tension resulting in action) with Neptune
  • …during Mars retrograde coming to a standstill before stationing direct on June 29 (a change of direction is any planets most powerful moment).

These four events during Mars’ ending retrograde cycle have been triggering tremendous INTERNAL changes and naturally reflect in external events. The uncertainty is even more enhanced by the recent celestial shift from cardinal to “mutable” astrology signs.

Freedom and unexpected events were spelled into the numbers’ code the day of the vote, June 23.

June 23 activated the “Royal Star of the Lion” number 23 – ultimate strength and confidence mixed with a powerful urge for independence. 23 adds up to 5 – risking it all for freedom, a pivot point in finding independence. What’s inevitable about 23/5 is change.

Yet, the message on June 24, the day we learned of the stunning Brexit vote news, activated quite a different and amazing code:

  • June 24 was a 6 Universal Day.
  • 6.24.2016 adds up to a 21 Universal Date of truth and creativity – adding up to 3.
  • $2.1 trillion was wiped off global markets on that day – another 3.
  • In the final count, 51.9% voted to leave the union, totaling 15 and 6.
  • The E.U. will be reduced to 27 nations – humanitarian number of unconditional love – adding up to 9.
  • June 27 will be the first day after the weekend for world markets to digest what happened on Friday. 27 adds up to 9.

Numbers 3, 6 and 9 are everywhere in this June 24 numerology formula!

3-6-9 comprises the Triad of Love, of the HEART, of self expression, of creation … and FEELING.

This is the triad of Acceptance and Creative Action.

There is a reason people are apprehensive about the sweeping energy of change. What we fear most is … the UNKOWN. We fear what we can’t see coming up… We can’t see the outcome of our thoughts, our actions beforehand. We want to KNOW! (In case we create a “wrong” moment, a “bad” decision for ourselves – all labels of judgment we project on the future.)

Yet 3-6-9 is a call to Accept. Acceptance of world events, and most of all – Self Acceptance.

Our tendency is to bypass acceptance so we can have control over the outcome.

This yearning for control is a show-stopper. What happens is, if you can’t see it… then you think… maybe I shouldn’t start.

Maybe I shouldn’t begin, because I don’t know the outcome.

Yes, if you look at what you have accomplished every day of your life… just the action of walking outside your front door, of driving in your car, of living your life – every day you are ALREADY taking many leaps of faith.

Just think for a moment – you being born was a leap of faith!

Your whole life is an exercise in trust.

A leap of faith is a subconscious knowing, an inspired decision.

Yet, for the most part, we try taking leaps of faith after mulling over ALL the possible outcomes, right? And this tendency makes us delay, and hesitate – and procrastinate.

We doubt our inner guidance system more than we take leaps of faith.

Our fear immobilizes inspiration. Fear puts a freeze on freedom.

Your need to accumulate more and more information, to analyze every possible outcome, to only decide after mentally exploring all angles… those tendencies remove the trust and flow and prevent you from taking natural leaps of faith.

Information is used to create distance from your heart, to put up emotional walls.

As a result… instead of risk (and reward), we wait and wait – and wait.

The divine feminine awakening sweeping the world at this time is meant to be FELT, not analyzed or labeled.

Your heart is meant to experience everything, ALL of it. And the more you trust and feel, the more in the flow and free you’ll be!

To manifest miracles is to embrace the unknown. This is the path to peace.

The unknown is what makes LIFE so livable! And so extraordinary!

Imaging knowing exactly everything that was going to happen before it manifested. The thrill, the anticipation, the excitement, the investment, the interest, the LIVING would be gone!

At this juncture, remind yourself that Life is a Discovery.

Every moment carries gifts – all sorts of gifts!

You are here to experience the richness of a FULL life.

You are here to live.

So if you do anything now, as Mars slows down to a complete standstill and the world ponders its future… slow down.

No need to rush. Take everything more slowly.

Breathe it all in.

Fall in love with your journey. All of it – the simple and the extraordinary moments. The simpler the moment, the more extraordinary the experience.

Appreciate it all.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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