v2-Charles-Putin-GETTYThis morning I was making an ayurvedic hot remedy for Clara, who is home sick with a sore throat, when I overheard the news.

“Prince Charles provokes diplomatic row by comparing Putin to Hitler”…

Supposedly, during a trip to Canada, the 65-year-old heir to the British throne made what he meant to be a private comment to a woman, Marienne Ferguson, who fled Poland with her family during World War II.

However, his comparison of Putin to Hitler was made public by Ferguson.

As a result, she created a controversy for Prince Charles, which is now creating major international headlines.

My first instinct is to check a person’s current name. What I found for both Prince Charles and Marienne Ferguson did not surprise me.

I knew Prince Charles was not immune to making remarks that end up being controversial. He enjoys expressing himself, but occasionally his remarks cause an uproar. Why?

What secrets can his current name reveal?

“Prince Charles” resonates to 28 in the Ancient Chaldean system. 28 is a challenging name number. In fact, 28 is a number of frustrating contradictions. It bestows great promise with potential for great success. However, with this current name, Prince Charles trusts the wrong people and has powerful opposition in all parts of his life.

So I never recommend this name number to any of my clients, either personally OR for their business names.

As for Marienne Ferguson, she too has a challenging name, which again is no surprise. This event alone will forever change her life.

“Marienne Ferguson” adds up to a 13/4. In a current name, 13 warns of the unknown and unexpected… and even destruction, when power is used in a negative way. So 13 is another number I never recommend in a current name.

The name you use has such a huge IMPACT on your life.

Challenging names block the energy flow, so everything seems more difficult and takes longer. Results are not as satisfactory, and clarity can by hard to come by.

Switching to a fortunate name opens up ALL kinds of opportunities that were not available with the old, challenging spelling.

The “Is My Name Fortunate?” report allows you to discover whether your name is fortunate or not. If it’s not, I’ll give you at least two highly fortunate alternatives.

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Your name affects the quality of your whole life. Make sure YOUR name supports you!

Love and Abundance,

Tania Gabrielle

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