Newt Gingrich is way up in the polls. He told ABC on Thursday “I’m going to be the nominee.”

It’s a brash statement and a perfect distraction in these highly unpredictable times.

Never before have we seen so many ‘frontrunners’ stand on top of the polls only to fall to the bottom.

Gingrich is the latest beneficiary of his fellow Republicans’ stumbles. He’s riding high now, but that will not last through the election.

Newt’s campaign was pretty much over – or so many thought – in late Spring after controversies prompted most of his top advisers and staffers to quit. Unpredictability is the keyword right now, so it’s no surprise Gingrich is back in full swing, benefitting from Herman Cain’s demise and Michele Bachman and Rick Perry’s stumbles.

What happened in November to give him that big surge?

Have a look at Newt’s numbers:

Gingrich was born on a 17/8 Day and has a 31/4 Life Purpose Number. Numbers 2, 4 and 8 are in the ‘Manifestation’ Triad. So his two important birth numbers were activated by his 20/2 Personal Month in November.

But the Republican nomination is still months from wrapping up.

And Gingrich’s campaign faces 5 obstacles on the road to the nomination:

1. He is experiencing an 18/9 Personal Year until June – 9 is an ending cycle.

2. His 9 Personal Year inflates his ego even more (look at the big head at the top of number 9) so the risk of major gaffes is greater.

3. His 18/9 cycle can attract deception from friends and enemies depending on his past actions.

4. Gingrich was born on an 17/8 Day and has a 31/4 Life Purpose – two powerful numbers – but, in combination like this, they attract karmic and fateful people and events.

5. Finally, his current name ‘Newt Gingrich’ adds up to one of the most challenging numbers there is – 43/7.

Newt’s difficult current name explains why he has had so many ups and downs. He left Capitol Hill in disgrace, resigning from the House after a $300,000 fine for ethics violations.

People love the excitement surrounding Newt. You can see why. His 31/4 Life Purpose Number symbolizes genius and a lightning-rod ability which allows him to shape-shift from one kind of politician to another.

Gingrich certainly makes everything he touches more interesting – and volatile.

With a birth name that adds up to 7, the former Speaker of the House has many secrets. His wisdom comes from knowing when to speak, and when to keep quiet.

However, he doesn't always listen to his innate intuition.

That's because Newt Gingrich's challenging 43/7 current name will often mire him in inner and outer conflict. 43 activates the tendency towards revolution, upheaval, strife and even war. So his life, no matter how successful, is filled with obstacles.

My recommendation: Go with his given name “Newton”, instead of “Newt”.

‘Newton Gingrich’ adds up to 10/1, the Instant Manifestation Number. I’m sure he won’t change his name now, but if he did… this frequency would allow him to tap into his genius without many of the difficulties.

In order to successfully manifest your gifts and goals with ease, a Fortunate Name is crucial. That’s because current names set the stage for your life.

Check your own current name here.

Love and Blessings,
Tania Gabrielle

P.S. Tomorrow I’m making a BIG announcement, so stay tuned to this blog…