My daughter Clara is a Cancer. (Her 15th birthday is next week!)

Living with a Cancer who is also a musician, artist and writer has opened me up to the sensitivities of this sweet, emotional water sign. Clara loves to feel, needs to emote, and relates to all of life from the heart.

She ALSO has two of her three important birth numbers in the emotional 3-6-9 triad of creativity and self expression. Need I say more!

One thing Clara loves to do is to recall memories – a very Cancerian tendency. Later this evening or Saturday morning, the Cancer New Moon will prompt you to want to remember…

But memories can be a two-edged sword.

Remembering the past, when the experience being recalled was painful or caused suffering, will trigger the emotional impact all over again.

Even though you are not literally experiencing the moment right now, the recalling of pain and suffering makes it appear real – your brain can’t tell the difference! So you might as well be going through the experience again.

Recalling past painful memories is one of the greatest causes of suffering in the world.

On the other hand – when wonderful, happy memories are brought to the surface, you create the opposite effect.

Happiness floods your whole vibrational system as you recall joyful, fun, blissful moments.

Temptations surround us all day, every day. With this Cancer New Moon you’ll be tempted to be sentimental and indulge in past memories… Here’s what I recommend if you notice you're living your life as a memory:

  • Snap your fingers (SOUND transports you into the present).
  • Close your eyes.
  • Inhale deeply, breathing from your abdomen 5 times.
  • As you’re breathing, inhale LOVE.
  • Feel the NOW PRESENT moment – an instant awakening to the only reality.

Going within and engaging with your soul in this simple way will reawaken your inner Holy Sanctuary, inviting Love to embrace you.

Engage with the present moment daily. When you do, you’ll make incredible discovery!

You’ll start noticing…

  • Pain and suffering cannot exist in the PRESENT.
  • Memories are responses to experiences – they are perceptions.
  • You make memories feel real only by your imagination.
  • Pain is EXCLUDED when your intent is to experience only LOVE.

LOVE is your natural state of being. Love is eternal – Love is the only reality.

As you tend to your heart with love you’ll notice inner peace will pervade your daily life.

Pain and suffering will begin to dissipate more and more. Inner and outer conflicts will occur less and less.

  • Soon you will notice you are almost constantly at peace.
  • You are nearly always engaging with others lovingly.
  • You can remain calm no matter what situation you are experiencing.

This Cancer New Moon is conjunct (joined with) the planet MARS – the great ACTION and FIRE planet.

Mars is urging you to awaken from a Dream-state. Cancer is a water sign and likes to dream, but Mars is saying “No, let’s wake up.”

The Mars influence is helping you to stop in your tracks, DECIDE and ACT.

Mars is inviting you to FORGET the “I should have…” and “I could have…” and “I must …”, which pervade your mind when you attach to memories. (You can't “I should have..” when you are PRESENT.) Release the NOISE in your mind.

And Cancer is saying, “Be kind to yourself.”

Cancer is ruled by the Moon. Moon children are loving nurturers.

Today, make the choice to awaken to Love. Walk your talk and live daily in a loving way. Even if just for a few minutes.

The door is open now… and forever.

Much Love,

Tania Gabrielle

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