Chiron in Aries – your NEW Healing Journey!

Today Chiron moved from serene, loving, sensitive Pisces into the first sign of the zodiac, fiery, enthusiastic, action-oriented ARIES, after completing its 50.7 year cycle around the Sun.

This is major cause for celebration!

We are reframing the narrative about two big subjects: pain and love.

Chiron, though a small planet orbiting between Saturn and Uranus, has a great influence on our lives.

The name “Chiron” in etymology became “Chirurgery” in Greek, which turned into “Surgery” and “Chiropractics”.

Thus, Chiron represents the BRIDGE between our Earthly human experience and our spiritual Soul, the marriage of the sacred masculine and divine feminine.

Chiron blends our divine and human vibrations.

When painful moments appear, Chiron points out how we are shifting into a higher vibration which necessitates a deep emotional experience – resulting in a stronger connection to Source.

Chiron reminds us to FEEL – when it’s sometimes the last thing we want to do…

So how will Chiron in Aries (where it will remain until 2027) impact YOU?

  • You will be able to HEAL yourself. Aries is all about you, your identity, how you act, your energy.
  • You will leave behind an old, outdated version of you, and embrace a new outlook – even get a new name!
  • Healers, shamans and energy works will get recognition – their gifts will be acknowledged and their presence in many circles will be recognized as integral and vital to the human experience.

Healers bridge heaven and earth.

Healers take the feminine principle of receiving and BALANCE it with the masculine principle of action.

We are all able to balance intuition and action and heal ourselves.

Your healing journey begins today.

Chiron moving in Aries is a major milestone!

  • And Chiron moves back into Aries, not only while the SUN is still in Aries, but on  April 17 – the “immortality: number!
  • What you do from now on regarding any healing and feeling will leave behind a lasting legacy…

How fascinating too that Chiron’s irregular orbit around our Sun means that it spends more time in certain signs than others (between 1.5 years to 9 years). Pisces – the final sign, and Aries – the first sign are where Chiron stays the longest (8-9 years).

Pisces is serene, loving and spiritual – and, as the final of twelve zodiac signs, brings our journey to a culmination and ending, while Aries represents our vitality and enthusiasm and begins and births new opportunities.

Thus Chiron’s much longer journey in the first and last signs LINKS the feminine / masculine principles – it takes the unconscious and makes it conscious.

We have spent many years with Chiron in Pisces… and now it’s time to step into Aries – and ACTION!

And, since Uranus is about to leave Aries behind (after eight years) and venture into Taurus (in mid May), these next weeks with Chiron at 00° Aries while Uranus hangs out at the final 29° of Aries creates a very exciting window of opportunity.

Take advantage of the exciting birthing energy!

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Blessings, Peace and Love,

Tania Gabrielle


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  1. Glynda Newton May 8, 2018 at 12:14 pm - Reply

    Thank you so much Tania for all of the incredible information you share. Your generosity inspires me. I will be present for the Master Class and I know I will gain so much from this.

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