Piers_Morgan_Live_titlecard-590x331CNN is pulling the plug on their primetime interview show currently named “Piers Morgan Live”.

I received this news from a newsletter reader after sending yesterday’s article on challenging personal names. She asks:

“Hi Tania,

“I read in the news yesterday that Piers Morgan Live on CNN is being cancelled next month. They said it has always struggled in the ratings since it premiered two years ago.

“From studying your style of numerology, the name of the show is a challenging one (11/2). The original name Piers Morgan Tonight was also very challenging (70/7). If they would have simply named the show Piers Morgan it would have been more successful (41/5) with less challenges. Any thoughts on this?”


You are correct, Jennifer about Piers Morgan’s show. The numbers you got are not quite calculated correctly (there are many rules that go into CURRENT name calculation), but the essence of their meaning is correct.

Book titles, movies, shows, products, events ALL carry a specific name vibration.

“Piers Morgan Tonight”, as the show was originally called, debuted on January 17, 2011. More on that date in a moment

By June, 2012 “Piers Morgan Tonight” had the lowest ratings for a CNN primetime show in 21 years. In March 2013 the program name changed to “Piers Morgan Live.”

Here are the numbers:

“Piers Morgan Tonight” is a 34/7 name, a challenging number not at ALL aligned to magnetism and media success.

“Piers Morgan Live” adds up to 29/11, attracting division and more difficulties.

The debut of CNN’s show on January 17, 2011 adds up to a 13 Universal Date. I would NOT recommend a debut on a 13 Date, especially coupled with the number 17. For one, this combination of numbers attracts fateful outcomes, power struggles and unexpected events.

It’s no surprise then that Piers Morgan himself enters a 13 Personal Year in March – the month CNN stops airing his show!

Coincidence? No.

The initial launch date resonated to 13 and got TRIGGERED by his new Personal Year Cycle 13… The “life, death, transformation number” now brings Morgan’s U.S. media adventure to a sudden close.

When launching a new product, service, event or business you MUST pay attention to the DATE and the NAME. A powerful code is triggered on any launch, celebration (such as a wedding) or start of a new venture.

This code influences the future success and income of your launch.

You always want the DATE to harmonize with your personal birth code.

If a NAME is involved, it goes without saying the title must empower your project with a fortunate vibration.

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Love and prosper,


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  1. Beathe Jansen February 27, 2014 at 7:56 am - Reply

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    lovely blessing weekend,
    Best regards Beathe

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