Mother reading to child.pngMy 9-year-old daughter occasionally asks me for an iPad. She has seen other kids with it. I'd rather she use pen and paints or go play than loose interest in the tangible world around her with an iPad.

Of course I feel the same about TV and video games.

Our lives are media saturated as it is, so she'll have plenty of media exposure when she's older.

But for now, I rather my daughter keep in touch with the world around her by engaging with people and using her hands to create something tangible – not loose herself in an iPad screen.


2011 especially is prompting us to make more than usual big and small decisions.


Every choice changes the course your life takes in a big or small way. The choices we make now will have a profound effect on us as we approach 2012.


If your gut tells you “no”, listen and investigate.


If you feel no resistance while pondering a decision, take it as a sign to move ahead.


This is what the 11 Gateway literally means: LISTEN first and then ACT by moving forward. If you stagnate and sit on the fence, you will feel divided.


If you act and move through the gateway, you will stay grounded.


Your intuition will always protect and nurture you. Trust it, and you will easily walk through the two pillars symbolized with the 11.

boy with iPad.pngA few weeks ago I saw a story about a school district in Maine that has introduced iPads to Kindergartners in order to help overwhelmed teachers. But what about the kids?


This decision that will affect these young children for a lifetime.


Verdicts are also decisions.


Have you noticed how many big trials are going on so far in 2011? This is no coincidence.


From Casey Anthony to Dr. Conrad Murray to Amanda Knox, whose case is being decided today, people have been riveted on one or another courtroom case.


Even government cases are on the rise. An unusual amount of big cases (meaning they will affect the lives of many Americans) await the Supreme Court right now. On the state level, in California there is a bill that may become law allowing secret vaccinations of children at school without parental consent.


These cases may not affect you directly. However, they are prompting you to make a verdict about your life.


So make sure you are not running away from big decisions right now. Step up and trust in your intuitive hunches   your intuition is your direct link to the divine.


Life is a dance, always moving, ever-changing. Magic happens with movement. Life deteriorates with stagnation.


Beginning on 11.11.11 I will show you why we live in such extraordinary times (and have so much on our plates).


Decide now to come to beautiful Los Angeles for the 2012: Your Spiritual Pivot Point Live Eventtwo days that will completely reframe the vision of your future.


You'll be stunned and thrilled about the upcoming changes within you and the world at large. All is revealed in The 2012 Code™, a spectacular formula that reframes our whole experience here on Earth.


For more on The 2012 Code™, go watch this video.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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