We are about to enter the second
part of 2010. In 2010 – a dramatic 3 Universal Year – everything is in flux.
And the drama is now intensifying.


Remember that 2001, which was the
first 3 Universal Year of this century, brought drama as well. This year it is
intensified. Because the 10th year brings the power of Instant
Manifestation. So events are moving rapidly. And more unexpectedly.


Also, since we are in the 21st
century, the number 3 IS already active.


In Ancient Egyptian Numerology the
numbers 19, 20 and 21 represent Truth. The flipside is telling a good lie. There
is more and more evidence that both BP and the U.S. government, both Democrats
and Republicans, are withholding the truth.


Take a look at what preceded the
fated BP Deepwater oil rig disaster on April 20.


Keep in mind, as I wrote in
previous newsletters – BP is being activated by many 11's this year. 11 is
symbolic of ‘walking through the gateway of Truth.'


The current chairman of Goldman Sachs
is Peter Sutherland. You may know by now that he is the former chairman of
British Petroleum. In the first quarter of 2010 Goldman Sachs dumped 44 percent
of its shares in BP Oil.


Tony Hayward.jpg

A few weeks before the explosion,
Tony Hayward, current BP Chairman, sold one third of his stocks.


One month before the Gulf disaster,
Halliburton, doing work for BP, goes out and buys a company that does Gulf
cleanup for oil.


All this time, head engineers
working on the rig complained about the negligence and said that the new well
was improperly sealed – a disaster waiting to happen.


It is on record that BP executives
gave orders that increased the likelihood of a blowup.


Since the explosion, BP has poured
untold amounts of gallons of the highly lethal Corexit oil dispersing chemical
into the Gulf of Mexico, making matters far worse than if they had used a
biodegradable version. This will create hazardous health issues for years to
come – both in the water and on land.


Then there is the air. Benzene, a
deadly carcinogen, which has a ‘safe' level of 0 to 4 parts per Billyon, is
being measured at 3,400 parts per Billyon in the air around the Gulf region.


The Media is not allowed to report
the truth of what is really going on in Gulf communities. No one is allowed to
fly over the affected area.


You may have noticed, BP has spent
a lot on manipulating the response on the internet.


Truth is, we are all going through
Internal changes right now that are being reflected on the outside. We are
cleansing and releasing all old, useless mind patterns. It is when we resist
change, that we pollute our lives with negative thoughts.


Fortunately, in numerology, YOU
have a choice.


You are in charge of your current
name. So be sure the spelling of your name resonates to a fortunate number.
Knowing that you have a fortunate name gives you the freedom to navigate stormy
waters with confidence and peace of mind.


With a current name that is
, you can tackle these transformative events with a deep KNOWING that
you will be taken care of, no matter what.


Many good wishes for a safe and
happy summer.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


P.S. The ‘Is My Name Fortunate?' report comes as a gift with
your ‘Personal Numerology Blueprint‘ – the most comprehensive report about your
life there is.



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