Mid May has arrived – a wonderful moment to reset the tone and direction of your life.

  • On May 18 Venus, planet of Love and Prosperity, returned to the point in the heavens where her retrograde began on March 3 – a green light signaling intimate relationships and abundance are naturally flowing again
  • Then, early on Friday, May 19 Saturn and Uranus created an exact trine – and activate the fortunate “Grand Fire Trine” with the North Node of the Moon!

What do these two synchronistic cosmic events mean to you?

A spring in your step returns!

The joy in your heart gets expressed.

A lightness of being infuses your day.

Most of all, a strong, secure feeling of PEACE is present in your life.

At 26° Saturn in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries is an invitation for you to liberate yourself through leadership – a reminder that you are FREE to CHOOSE PEACE at any given moment in time.

Embrace divine peace, no matter what comes your way…

Every moment in your life is an invitation to relax, feel connected and respond to any event with compassion.

You cannot help yourself or anyone else with fear or despair. Anger separates us, it does not encourage intimacy. Only by navigating your relationships lovingly and compassionately can you feel at home by connecting with Source.

Not even a slight unloving gesture can be present when we communicate lovingly.

Though Love is the source of everything, love has to be invited in to your life.

You have the freedom to CHOOSE love – or not. Uranus trine Saturn is a call to be responsible for your freedom, for your ultimate liberation.

Your choice to enter any intimate connection by inviting LOVE, by setting an intention on a loving exchange, brings peace and the ultimate release from suffering.

When you find yourself in a stressful situation, refrain from joining a micro-climate of drama.

Instead, try to engage with the present moment by focusing on your breath. Deep breathing clears your mind so your heart is wide open for compassionate communication.

You can activate deep breathing with a walking meditation too – there are a myriad ways to engage with Source through inhaling the nectar of love!

No matter what your present situation is, you can handle it by maintaining a “climate of Peace” within you.

Laugh – a lot! Smile – a lot!

Feed your life with happiness.

Happiness begins with YOU. Peace must arise in YOU first before you can share peacefully.

Feed your soul with all sorts of positive nourishment.

Engage with friends, loved ones and even strangers through deep, compassionate listening. Your purpose is always to be of service… and when you listen deeply, you help another to empty her heart.

Everything aligns with peace when you open your heart and focus your intention on love.

It’s time you dwell in Peace.

Much Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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