The big story on everyone’s mind is the imminent total Solar Eclipse in Leo, happening in less than two days on August 21.

One significant factor in the astro-numerology code is the element of both beginnings and endings.

A total Solar Eclipse is a magnified New Moon.

  • New Moons are New Beginnings.
  • A total eclipse of the SUN, darkens the light – hence endings.

The same powerful beginnings-ending theme is activated in the numbers code:

  • August is an 18/9 Universal Month of ENDINGS.
  • 2017 is a 10/1 Universal Year of BEGINNINGS.

The Eclipse itself occurs at 28° (nearly 29°) – both numbers carry the element of beginnings:

28° = 10/1

29° = 11

1 is the number of fresh starts, new ideas – a blank slate of creative energy.

The spotlight is now on YOU choosing a whole new direction.

Yet the new direction isn’t clear until you LET GO of the stuff that’s been running your life in the shadows.

Eclipses expose your shadow – making what is formerly hidden VISIBLE.

As a result you are empowered by truth, instead of dis-empowered by hidden unconscious drivers.

Eclipses encourage total consciousness.

The extent of your self-awareness will define the depth of your Awakening.

In the weeks following you will receive much clarity on which unconscious beliefs and mindsets have been holding you hostage. Most importantly, you will experience deep inner HEALING.

Healing is Love in Motion.

Healing is a natural part of the cycle of life, and as you heal, you open up room to create freely – to embrace ecstasy!

Now, during this Solar Eclipse, healing is enhanced by Mercury retrograde in VIRGO.

Virgo rules the 6th House in Astrology governing your health, daily work life, service and HEALING.

Right now you are refining your DAILY routines, your daily practices so they ENHANCE and SUPPRT the fulfillment of your divine mission. After all, what you do consistently day in and day out defines your destination and ultimately, your successes.

So if you do just one thing over the next days and weeks – listen closely.

  • How does your body feel?
  • Are you responding to life with anxiety – or with love?
  • What are your thoughts consistently focused on?
  • Is your heart open, so you can receive and release easily?

Receiving and letting go define the rhythm of 1 and 9.

Receiving is listening, giving is action.

As you listen and activate, receive and give, you begin to trust in the natural unfolding of every day. You relax more and more and ultimately place your total trust in the miracle of creation.

In this state of peace and trust, healing and miracles are your constant companions.

If you haven't watched the Total Solar Eclipse Forecast yet, be sure to click here!

Have a beautiful, healing, peaceful Solar Eclipse!

Many Blessings and Much Love,

Tania Gabrielle

P.S. A special treat for you! Clara and I just returned from Italy where she attended an international piano festival in Perugia – a wonderful, pivotal two weeks – during which Clara made her professional solo debut. Watch Clara's performance here!
















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