We’ve come to the other side of a very intense eclipse cycle that culminated yesterday.

A Solar Eclipse in Pisces naturally attracts peace, spiritual awakening and deep feelings. Yet there are other powerful themes in play. You may feel confused about which direction to take, or like you’ve relinquished your free will.

In that case, refocus your intention on forgiveness. It is time to heal old wounds, time to let go and forgive.

February’s two eclipses happened in a 12 Universal Month carrying a strong reminder: Don’t accept being a victim any longer, since all you are doing is harming yourself.

This same message resonates in the astrology: The shadow side of Pisces is to avoid, be victimized or overburdened emotionally.

Forgive yourself first. Yesterday’s Pisces New Moon eclipse was aligned with the South Node of the Moon, and that means you are releasing Past Paradigms – old, low-vibrational alignments with people or situations.

Pisces also governs patience. The final sign of the zodiac will ask you to wait.

Your time of waiting is soon over!

Uranus and Jupiter are forming an opposition for most of 2017 – and it was activated during BOTH eclipses. In their highest vibrational states, Uranus represents total freedom and the unleashing of your genius, and Jupiter supreme joy by living by your highest values.

The Jupiter-Uranus opposition is being given a lot of fire during the eclipse and continues now.

Mars is conjunct (joined with) Uranus TODAY activating your urge to move beyond old conflicts and to take risks. Be sure to breathe before you proceed to maintain your balance since the merging of Mars/Uranus be over-reactive. Convert this energy into courage and move energy that was unmovable before now.

Setting boundaries (releasing victimization), being grounded and independent and placing your intention on securing joy will naturally reconnect you with the Divine.

Pisces ultimately leads you to accept the love being offered… and allowing love to heal you.

In March the Eclipse energy will still be very strong. (Then it begins to slowly dissipate until August with the next pair of eclipses in Leo and Aquarius.)

March 1 begins with the Sun exactly conjunct Neptune – ruler of Pisces setting the stage for the healing and release to continue.

Then, just three days later, Venus goes into retrograde…

Every day opens new codes, just like every thought is a fresh pulsation with endless opportunities.

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Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle


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