I recently consulted a Chinese herbalist, and one thing that really struck me was when he said, “Everything you eat turns into blood.”

In the same way, everything you focus on changes your energy.

Any noises you hear, products you purchase and use, books you read, and all the people you are around – everything and everyone affect your vibrational space.

Right now we are hovering between eclipses giving us an unprecedented opportunity to shift our energy. So it’s a vital time to understand how you use your internal and external energy resources.

During an eclipse cycle we often encounter major life changes. As we approach the Pisces Solar New Moon Eclipse on Sunday, a part of our life is coming to an end.

It’s the PERFECT TIME for setting intentions.

Every intention creates an energetic arrangement of Light within your body.

Set your intention in a loving way and you create Divine Alchemy within you that profoundly alters your vibration.

Start holding intentions for every moment in your life.

Your intention is a focused direction of Light. Once you direct your intention, it creates a void – in order to make room for Creation.

Be very clear about your intentions. They are powerful and will attract to you what you seek. Be accountable for every moment of your life by DIRECTING your intentions where you WANT your life to go.

First, recognize what the intention is: Are you seeking to connect or to escape? What is your intention for any encounter you are having with another person? For example, be completely aware of your intention as you’re having a conversation with someone.

Create every moment of your life with FULL understanding and commitment.

When you are fully present and constantly setting intentions you clear away emotional and mental debris and make room for something truly beautiful to emerge.

Just as Love is not doing but BEING, Intention is NOT Action. Your intentions set the space for Creation.

Love and Intention must come first. Before you act.

If you act or create something without loving intention first, you are directing your energy blindly, unconsciously!

It’s like trying to hit a target in the dark…

Action must follow a conscious, clear intention. Not the other way around.

Shine the light on how you direct your energy. There has never been a better time than now.

Let all your intentions grow from your energetic connection to the Divine – the energy of the cosmos. Then use your mind consciously. Feel the pulse of your heart first – your heart fills your mind with Love and Light. That is the space to set your intentions first… Then act.

Your heart is the conduit between Earth and the Spiritual realms.

Earth energy (mind and action) and Cosmic energy (heart and feeling) are both required to navigate all your experiences as a human being.

Let every moment be a conscious creation set by YOU.

Stay fully aware. Do not sleep through your day. Set intentions that fill your  life with joy, peace and abundance.

Abundance and happiness are natural byproducts of being and feeling in the flow. One important factor in creating a life of ease and joy is having a fortunate current name. Is your name supporting you? Or does emit a challenging frequency – day in and day out? Your focused intentions will develop into opportunities far more quickly and easily when you DON'T carry the weight of a difficult name vibration.

Fortunately, your current name is the part of your soul code that YOU are completely in charge of. So make sure it resonates to a positive vibration…to manifest positive results fast!

Click here to check your name.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle



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