It’s the big cosmic shift affecting us all.

Symbolized by Saturn (ideologies and time) trine Uranus (freedom and timelessness).

Nothing is written in stone anymore – everything is transforming. Especially our core beliefs about love, abundance and our health!

The ONLY thing that is everlasting is your SOUL and your capacity to LOVE.

Here's the challenge – or blessing (depending on how you're feeliing!): Searching externally for new belief systems to fill the void will only go so far… before we realize that approach is now totally outdated.

Ideologies in general are rigid.

They don’t lend themselves to being flexible and adaptive.

An ideology cannot fully engage with a new perspective, a new paradigm. So when we are confronted with crumbling structures and brand new opportunities – it can be scary! We can FEEL our old ways not working and the absolute need to welcome a brand new approach.

Some questions to help you shift could be:

  • “How can I adapt to the changing environment and new circumstances?”
  • “How can I be in flow and enjoy the NEW vistas across every bend in the river?”

Adhering to ideologies automatically eliminates an open discussion of…

“What makes sense?” Or asking, “Does it work?”

When you reframe your focus on what feels harmonious by asking, “Does it work? Is it caring? Is it loving? Is it kind? Is it extending freedom of choice?” – you'll free up your SOUL to guide you in sync with the universal shift sweeping humanity now.

And when it comes to relationships – where our deepest growth always takes place! –  the question could be, “Does this decision fit both of us? – Is this adapting to the growth and liberation in both of us?”

In other words, do you feel warm and happy as you're engaged in a shared experience with your partner or friend or your child?

Those are the true criteria for openness and love – when communication between both people extends beyond previous beliefs – so that NOTHING interferes with LOVING.

Engage in a conversation with life that is constantly adapting…

Our ideologies are breaking down now, and this is enabling our souls to build a new foundation for love.

And that is what Uranus trine Saturn represents: Breaking down old paradigms, breaking through our fears, and building of a new reality of trust, love, commitment and freedom.

Your soul is timeless…. eternal.

As human beings we are navigating a dimension of time and space (Saturn). As divine souls we are expanding our consciousness beyond the frontiers of time (Uranus).

Now we're navigating a new paradigm in human history. We are being asked to bridge the time with timelessness.

Take some time this weekend to just BE…

No thinking. No doing. Just being.

Engage with the eternal You.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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