healing2In the last few months I have allowed myself to explore new facets of my soul.

Since April’s life-changing Cardinal Grand Cross, I have swung the gates wide open, allowing ample room to breathe in everything life has to offer. Parts of me I never knew existed have been awakened.

I didn’t want to stay in a place of safety anymore.

Instead, I have been experiencing life as a multi-dimensional being, embracing ALL that life has to offer – unbridled and unrestricted.

Have you changed direction recently? For me, many surprising events have ensued. Every aspect of my life and work has undergone some unexpected transformation or major change. My perception about love, wealth, even death, has evolved.

This is all to be expected in a 7 Universal Year.

7 looks like a lightning bolt. It will catch you by surprise, awaken you in areas you never expected and take you deep into your spiritual journey.

Yesterday, while in conversation with someone very dear to me, I was confronted by the importance of owning every moment of that journey. Whether bitter or sweet, I had to own the experience, move through it and then let it go.

How can I appreciate the sweetness, without tasting the bitterness too?

When you love, you experience all dimensions. If sadness comes into your life, you know it will pass.

The same applies to fulfillment and wealth.

When you consistently nourish your spirit, you carry your soul frequency into your life’s work. Putting your spiritual gifts into practice fulfills your soul to the core!

This is the essential message of 2014.

Do you realize that a sincere appreciation of your gifts unleashes your personal Wealth Code?

7 precedes 8 so that you can be congruent with your inner life FIRST.

Without that spiritual connection, your wealth code, symbolized by the number 8, cannot full awaken. Inspiration and abundance go hand in hand.

By the time 2015 rolls around, you will want to be fully aligned with your spiritual gifts.

2015 is the year that your gifts translate into wealth like never before.

A powerful Astro-Numerology Wealth Code will be triggered next year that will utterly transform your perception about money, spiritual and material wealth. The resulting opportunities for financial abundance will be unprecedented.

To get you aligned and prepared in time for 2015, secure your ticket to my first online virtual seminar, “2015 Money Making Formula”. This five-hour online event is designed to position you to take FULL advantage of this richly rewarding year.

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I’ll be so thrilled to see you there.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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