On Friday, May 18th Facebook went public with the much-anticipated IPO. (This is not a day I would have picked for Mark Zuckerberg’s company to go public on – it was not the best day for him.)

Then on Saturday, May 19th, Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan were married in a surprise wedding.

How did Saturday’s date lined up for Priscialla and Mark personally?

Much better, actually. At least for Mark!

Since I don’t have any birthday or birth name info for Priscilla, I can’t check any numbers for her, but I can tell you that Mark just changed to a 15/6 Personal Year few days ago. He was born on May 14, so May is always an important month for him – regardless.

14 is the Media Number, by the way, pretty perfect number for the Facebook mogul!

Every birthday ushers in a new Personal Year – and so Mark Zuckerberg’s brand new 15 cycle a big time for home and family responsibilities for his next 12 months.

In other words, this was a great moment for him to tie the knot.

Not surprisingly Zuckerberg and Chan started dating in late 2003, which was 9 years ago –the LAST time he was in a 15/6 Personal Year!

(We have 9-year cycles, so Mark and Priscilla literally  got married on their ‘anniversary' dating moment 9 years ago, numerological speaking…)

As for the month of May 2012, for Mark it is not only a family and love kind of year but also a relationship kind of month! That’s because Zuckerberg is in a 20/2 Personal Month right now.

Put the 2 and 6 together and you have the numbers for love and relationships joined as one. A Perfect time for Mark to celebrate his new life as a married man.

As his wife Patricia Chan, a pediatrician and teacher, I can’t check her cycles without at least her birthday. Patricia and Mark’s compatibility also can’t be looked at without relevant birth information, including her birth name.

For Mark at least this is a

I wish them both well as they celebrate their new married life together.

Love and Blessings,


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