mundo1111February, 2016 is a breakthrough 11 Universal Month.

11 opens the gateway to experience an instantaneous moment of enlightenment – the Light of inner Awakening.

Listening is the first impulse enabling you to feel your way through the 11 gateway.

Listening is your secret key to freedom.

When you know how to listen (it requires letting go of ALL expectations!), you enter the temple of God – were abundance flows from an eternal fountain of instantaneous creation.

Yesterday a friend and I were talking about a subject that had been on our minds for a while.

It was absolutely essential that I listen in a new way.

I had to discard my previous ideas, ALL my expectations. I had to get out of my mind to empty myself and listen from the heart.

And as I emptied myself continuously throughout our conversation, my heart overflowed with new understanding. I listened to the pulse of the universe, instead of the pulse of my ego. Opening up to listen so deeply in this way put me in tune with the miraculous moment of creation that my friend and I were sharing with each other.

I listened in this way while I spoke.

And I listened intently while my friend spoke.

Listening meant I had to dissolve my mind into nothingness – I had to forget myself. I had to be there with utmost sensitivity, intuition, compassion and gratitude.

I listened to the inner voice, the voice without ego or agenda or attachment.

This listening does not ever access the past for answers. It does not access previous experience.

It was aletting go listening”, a being soft, vulnerable and open listening.

And I was reminded about February's 11 energy, of walking through the 11 gateway with no agenda and pure openness to receive the unknown.
That continual emptying-out process creates a tremendously powerful fusion – when two people become one. It dissolves all obstacles, dissipates any sense of being separate from one another and the whole, because true listening is blessed by love.

By forgetting yourself you enter not their space, you don't move from your mind into theirs, you move into your heart and listen intently to the divine light of awareness.

You BECOME an open 11 gateway of receptivity.

That's how you access eternal abundance.

11 is a portal of Light. In an instant 11 allows you to access the frequency of the divine – through the deepest, purest listening.

If you force the process, you tune out the frequency. You lose touch.

If you are self-conscious, self-involved, not actually fully present, you’re only half there – pretending to be fully there. You can answer, you can respond, but you are not fully in tune, listening.

When you open up completely, infinitely, with no strings attached – when you step through the 11 gateway happily risking everything – you unlock the secret door to abundance.

Empty yourself, listen and be filled with light.

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Be the 11 gateway and open up to receive the gifts of abundance.

Love and Abundant Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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