February is a 6 Universal Month – the number of health, nurturing and healing.

Now, Chiron is back in the celestial news, and the timing is good.

Venus conjuncts Chiron in Aries today!

Venus/Chiron opens our heart to receive sacred healing through love and beauty. Coupled with February’s 6 Universal Month allows the potential for profound healing to rise exponentially.

Healing is not just confined to our physical bodies.

Yes, with the viral outbreak in China we definitely want to focus on a strong immune system.

And we want to send deeply loving and healing energy to all who are impacted.

Yet, on another plane, Venus conjunct Chiron also reminds us about the importance of tending to our emotional and mental health, including the power of meditation, communion with the Sun and nature, heart-centered engagement and the exploration of high vibrational frequency medicine.

Venus embodies love and beauty.

Chiron emits sacred healing rays of love.

Venus in combination with Chiron allows us to heal through an orgasmic fusion with the cosmos.

Passion and beauty enable energy to lift up into the Divine…

  • The more the outer world seems to be out of control, the greater the need for nurturing your sacred inner space.
  • The act of seeking healing through beauty and love allows your heart to flower in a way that you will value for a very long time…

A reset of energy is in play in a very dynamic way.

And since the powerful Stellium in Capricorn on January 12, two days after the Cancer/Capricorn Full Moon Eclipse, we have been on spiritual standby mode. We are now observers and participants in the spiritual turning of the tides…

Venus conjunct Chiron is holding space for exquisite healing through love.

If you feel yourself getting agitated, turn to beauty, serenity and the arts. Populate your inner space with good vibrations.

Seek to be in a place so peaceful, happy and calm that you always feel the connection to your guides and with Source.

Venus represents what you value, what you cherish, what you love.

  • Your values are undergoing a spiritualization process.
  • Your relationships are undergoing a major shift towards openly embracing sacred love.

This is a very powerful time of positive change and purging.

Welcome the shifts, surrender to the rhythm of life – and seek solutions in serenity.

They will be powerful. They will be profound.

We are coming up soon to a very important Mercury retrograde in Pisces – along with the Pisces New Moon and Virgo Full Moon (with the Sun in Pisces).

These next two months activate lunations and planetary transits that heal and uncover what was hidden. It is the nature of Pisces.

In 20/20 the Truth shall set you free. When visible, the truth can finally be acknowledged, understood – and ultimately, heal.

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Blessings and Love,

Tania Gabrielle

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