Be the miracleToday Venus trines Saturn (a 120° aspect in astrology) a beautiful invitation for you to manifest your inner music.

You have something important to share with the world, and that opportunity for you to shine your light uninhibited, with total trust and immense joy, is here for you now.

Commit to your spiritual mission. Honor the incredible miracle that you are!

Venus values life, and Saturn respects it.

Venus loves, Saturn implements.

When you see kids at play, they don't hold anything back. They exclaim their happiness or frustration, their passionate discoveries or their sadness.

Kids don't know how to play it cool.

They learn and grow fast because they taste the full miracle of both pain and joy. They don't resist life, but fully immerse themselves in whatever appears, welcoming it all – whether it is chaos or sheer excitement.

Venus feels love and Saturn provides the structure for that love to flower and have a platform.

In order to be immersed in who and what you truly love, you have to forget what others think about your excitement. Too often we place a far greater emphasis on outside opinions before we even move towards what we truly love and want to be.

So, the first step is to forget about what others think.

You do not need outside approval!

The less you squelch your inner fire, the more you realize that natural enthusiasm is there all the time. It is a love for living, it is an enthusiasm that values joy. It's not even specific all the time, though it can be – for example, it can be specifically geared towards your career, love life or a goal – however… the deeper you go, the more you realize your inner fire is always present and available to you at any time.

To recognize and be the miracle, you need to go through the fire.

Stepping into the fire is your breakthrough.

Don't hesitate. Don't wait to create the miracle. Step into life now by being the miracle.

Share your energy! Never hold back the miracle you are.

As I like to remind my daughter Clara, there is no such thing as trying. You either are immersed, totally committed – or you are not. You either are practicing fully, or you are not.

You cannot try to be anything – that’s abstaining from living a committed life.

Clara sometimes grapples with on the one hand wanting to fit in – or just being herself, which can feel like being “uncool”.

I encourage her always to be uncool.

To not choose someone else's values of how to live her life.

Commit completely to choosing your own life. By doing so you feel yourself committing to miracles!

And don’t allow the darkness in the world to be your guiding force. Don't partake in feeding the energy of darkness.

Your inner light is your only guiding force. Allow it to take you on your journey.

Saturn provides the structure and commitment for you to be able to focus on being the miracle. However, don't confuse that structure with needing to do something for the sake of working towards a goal. Don’t get caught up in the destination.

The Destination always appears when you start committing to the journey.

The destination is not the journey itself.

If you focus on the destination you will hold back and you will miss life. Destinations are always in the distance… If you focus on the journey, you will be free.

So instead of worrying whether you've arrived yet, or when you might arrive at a destination, put all your energy into what makes you feel good, what enthuses you, what lights you up.

When making any decisions – big and small – I always ask, “Is it a Big YES?” And if it is not a big yes, it is definitely a no. 🙂

Go ahead and embrace your inner miracle!

Blessings and Love,

Tania Gabrielle

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