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The other day I saw an article on an Indian film director
who changed the name of his upcoming film ‘Action Replay', a time-travel comedy
capturing Mumbai in the 1970s.


The director, Vipul Amrutial Shah,
just added an extra ‘Y', renaming his film ‘Action Replayy.'


It certainly looks catchy. And the
Double Y does bring extra protection.


Here is what he told reporters, ‘It's
because of numerology that we have altered the spelling of the film. We all are
superstitious, so we have kept the name according to numerology,'


Well, lucky for Shah, BOTH names
are fortunate. The original and the new one.


‘Action Replay' resonates to 41/5,
which ties in beautifully to the Media Number, guaranteeing that the movie will
attract crowds.


The new spelling, ‘Action Replayy'
adds up to 42/6 – another highly fortunate frequency.


Not sure who is advising Shah on
names, but he could have kept the original title and done just fine.


However, when it comes to his OWN
personal name, he was right to insist on using ‘Vipul Amrutial Shah'. Whereas
most people will take out their middle name, Shah has kept his. For good


‘Vipul Amrutial Shah' resonates to
17/8 – the Immortality Number. This means he has a great opportunity to leave a
legacy behind.


Contrast that to ‘Vipul Shah' a
challenging 11/2 current name.


When you name anything – including
yourself – just be aware that the spelling activates a certain frequency.


You always want your name number
to SUPPORT you.


That is why I always say to my
clients – if you do just one thing, be sure your current name resonates to a
good number.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


P.S. Check your personal or
business name here.

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