Last weekend our Sacred Circle Retreat began moments after Mars entered Leo…

Lots of action was taken on the spot – and the fiery energy helped to inspire brilliant breakthroughs .

It was a fabulous event, and I can’t wait to share more with you about our next retreat soon!

For the next five weeks the SUN and MARS will be traveling together through Leo. The sign of Leo is ruled by the Sun! Mars governs the sign of Aries, also a fire sign like Leo. So you can imagine, Mars and Sun together in fiery Leo takes passion and action to the nth degree!

How can you manage this intensely fiery activation and use the opportunity to create positive action?

Mars can get aggressive and angry if not channeled creatively. 

Anger isn’t a very pleasant emotion.

But it is very useful.

Anger and aggression can actually be put to good use!

A misdirected use of Mars in Leo is hurling your anger aggressively at others. This knee-jerk reaction intensifies your internal irritation while polluting the emotional landscape in your environment.

(Anger builds up inside and can simmer for hours, days, months, years, even over lifetimes.)

But, start looking deeply and listening deeply, you begin to understand…

You start understanding how the anger was born, where it originated… and you begin to make friends with anger.

Understanding turns into Love.

And when you feel love, anger transforms.

Your heart heals as you focus on being totally present through mindful breathing, and open-hearted listening. In this state of love, you tune into peace, and you cannot inflict pain – on yourself or on others.

You don’t have to take anger and throw it at someone or something.

Take the emotional excitability to suddenly become crystal clear – anger is an opportunity to feel compassion and find love. 

Anger is a gift to go deeper.

This is how you take the aggressive energy of Mars – symbolized by a circle with the arrow of action pointing up diagonally – and you allow the heat to melt into a sphere of light with an arrow pointing into the galactic realms.

  • Leo rules the heart.
  • Mars and the Sun are traveling together in Leo.
  • Both total eclipses activate the sign of Leo.

Your heart is opening wide as we approach the historic eclipses in August.

To create one of the most stunning transformations in human history, the celestial codes surrounding the two eclipses in August will facilitate a life-changing shift in your life. Rarely have we experienced a cosmic activation as significant as the one for next month – releasing a whole century of built-up energy which will purge the past and lift our vibration to a higher plane.

The momentous events and their deep implications are now revealed in full in the Premium Wealth Forecast.

Every possible angle of every day is unlocked and explained.

  • Two historic total eclipses!
  • Meaning of the 18 Universal Monthand its connection to 1918 and 99 years ago
  • The incredible double code that repeats for 31 straight days
  • Important tips on how to navigate the next weeks and months that follow the eclipses

Access August and every monthly edition before the month begins to PLAN in advance with total confidence and peace of mind – totally aligned with the stars and numbers.

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Love and Blessings

Tania Gabrielle

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