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is a happy time. Kids are on vacation, outdoor activities abound, and the sheer
joy of splashing in a body of water makes it all so much more fun.


spells 24/6 in the ancient Chaldean system.


24 symbolizes
happiness, family and

love and symbolizes creating success

with a magnetic
presence. 2+4 equals 6, so 24 is part of the 3-6-9 triad of Self-Expression,
Feeling numbers.


find that 24 forms a big part of the human experience Earth.


1. There
are 24 hours of a day.


2. The
Japanese, Persians and Chinese divide the year into 24 parts of 15 days.


3. The
human body is composed of 24 elements.


4. The
purest gold is 24 carats.


My daughter and I recently came across a girl who
embodies the 3-6-9 Feeling numbers.


Her name ‘Emily Bear', even resonates to the same
highly fortunate 24/6, as

‘summer'. So she has a current name that enables her
life to unfold with effortless ease. Emily does not have to worry about
interfering people or obstacles. She has

the luxury of focusing only on
nurturing her gifts – and thrive.


is born on the 30th, a 3 Day.


With two Self Expression numbers – 3 and 6 – the first thing you notice about Emily is how happy and passionate she
is. Emily loves to smile – a trademark of the number

3. She is a bundle of joy,
completely in love with her life.


is a pianist and composer. She's only 9 years old, but has already performed
worldwide, including in Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center.


As a
classical composer myself, I resonate deeply with her passion for music.


friend once told me that music is not an essential ingredient for living – we
can survive without it.


Yes, we can survive. But that's not the purpose of living.
Only ‘surviving' means removing the essential ingredient of Being in a state of
happiness. Beauty instantly nourishes our soul and connects us to Spirit.


is not 3-dimensional, it is multi-dimensional – a universal language.


The right combination of notes, played a certain way, can
instantly move you to tears. The same can be said for words, color and touch.


music and style of playing is extraordinary. Her confidence is
securely rooted in her love of music. The intensity and focus with which she
plays the great composers, as well as her own compositions, is not somber or
serious – but uplifting and inspiring. She embodies a lightness of being.


can tell Emily plays piano, not because her parents are pushing her, but
because she absolutely couldn't live without it.


there's the key.


What can't you live without? The answer to that
question will set you free. Your

answer will enable you to live a life of joy
and success too. A big clue as to How to leverage your passions is provided in
your personal numerology.


For example, let's look at Emily's Life Purpose
Number, derived from her full birthday.


She is born on 8.30.2001 which adds up to ha 14/5
Life Purpose.


is the Media Number. This explains why Emily's creative gifts of Self Expression
are meant to be featured on many national and international television shows, why

she has her own website and released several of her own CDs.


Emily Bear 1.png

14 is one of her gateways. The

internet has made her famous.
Media, adventure, travel and constant movement, are a key ingredient to fulfilling
her passion.


her 5 frequency, symbolizing

living in the moment and taking risks,

fitting that Emily also loves to improvise and play Jazz. In fact, she

can't stop composing and has written over 400 songs already.


can watch a beautiful story that recently aired on German TV about Emily's
Carnegie Hall debut here.


in mind, Emily Bear's highly fortunate current name could Not be activated
fully if she did not apply herself and practice many hours a day – in a positive,
happy state

of mind. Emily actively CREATES a daily Platform for her numbers to


a fortunate name makes your life a lot easier. When you ALSO engage and nurture
that which makes you most happy – you'll be amazed at what can happen.


Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle


P.S. Invite happiness into your life
all summer long by making sure your current

name is fortunate too.

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