Have you felt the surge of energy in the first few days of 2012?

This year has so many possibilities for positive change that it is only a matter of HOW you decide to implement them.

To help you sort through the powerful surges of energy in 2012 I made a powerful video. You will want to watch this one – it reveals the hidden messages behind the most important Astro-Numerology cycles in 2012, and what they mean to you.

You’ll discover…

  1. How the 1960’s tie into the summer of 2012
  2. Why the number 11 is so activated this year
  3. When the energy will really heat up
  4. Important clues revealed in the number 5 and letter “E”
  5. An amazing planetary alignment occurring on 12.21.2012

If there was ever a time to truly commit to taking your life to another level, it is now.

Watch this special 2012 Forecast Video here.

Love and Peace,