Mars started off 2019 by moving into Aries on New Year’s Eve.

  • Aries is the first zodiac sign.
  • Aries is the sign Mars rules.

Now fiery Mars conjuncts innovative Uranus on the final 29th degree of Aries.

When planets reach the end of a zodiac sign, there is a culmination. 29° is called a “critical” degree, unleashing a meet-up that's especially powerful.

The big message with Mars and Uranus is: ACT and you shall be FREE.

Action you take now LIBERATES you.

Don’t be surprised if you instinctively rebel against old structures, conditions!

  • Get ready to receive lightning insights.
  • Guard against impulsiveness and impatience.

If you feel your emotions simmer out of control, something inside you is bubbling to the surface needing to be heard and addressed.

If you feel restless, take deep breaths and remain still.

Some tips on how to use the fiery energy pro-actively over the next few days:

  • EXPRESS yourself creatively – embrace unexpected ideas.
  • PROPEL all your energy forward– you can jump over hurdles and move SWIFTLY and QUICKLY now.
  • Mars gives you the COURAGE – so just GO for it!
  • Be different, even RADICAL – you are recommitting to your Divine Mission by eliminating stifling energy from your life.

Essentially Mars merged with Uranus is propelling you to UNLEASH your internal fire so you feel free.



And the date of February 13echoes the same message of empowerment through change as unexpected situations purge and renew your life.

Fell free to let go…

And then act. Action is leadership in motion.

Your courage especially lights up once you’re set FREE from past hang-ups, attachments and programming.

After today’s meeting… just hours later… Mars moves into Taurus.

You’ll be able to catch your breath again!

(On March 6 Uranus joins Mars in Taurus, where it will remain until April, 2026.)

Feel the final Fireworks as Uranus’ prepares to leave Aries.

Make these next weeks count as you breathe fire into your goals!

Much Love,

Tania Gabrielle

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