Last night I saw a great story about a Romanian-born athlete.

I’d never heard of him before, but because his team – the New England Patriots – are in the Superbowl this Sunday, his story is making headlines.

Zoltán Meskó was born in Romania in 1986 during the revolutions that led to the fall of communism in the Eastern block and the overthrow of dictator Nicolae Ceauşescu in his home country of Romania.

His parents were so immersed in the revolution that Meskó remembers lying down on the floor of his apartment in order to dodge bullets.

He also recalls stuffing windows with pillows.

Before the revolution his parents, both engineers, had to wait seven years to buy a car, even though they had the money.

At age 12 Meskó emigrated with his family to Ohio where he was introduced to American football. At the time he was an avid soccer player.

In 7th grade gym class he accidentally knocked out a light during a kickball game – and the rest is history. He became a kicker and, after a stellar college career, was drafted by the New England Patriots in 2010 during the 5th round.

The 5th round lines up with many other 5s in Meskó’s life.

His Jersey Number is 14, which adds up to 5.

He is born in 1986, the 86th year, which adds up to 14/5.

These 5s are being activated in a BIG way this year and on Sunday. They are already bringing him extra media attention (no surprise, as 14/5 is the Media Number):

The Superbowl is being played on the 5th.

His current Personal Year is 14/5.

Furthermore, Meskó, whose full birthday adds up to 34/7 and who was born on the 16th will be in a 16/7 Personal Month in February.

So the numbers are really lining up for him.

It is fascinating to see how the two 7s in his birthday have already manifested in Meskó’s young life. Here is an instance where the number 16/7 is creating opportunity out of havoc. What a great example of courage under fire. His 16 Day of Birth and 34/7 Life Purpose have dealt many unexpected shifts in Meskó’s life and he took advantage of them!

It’s a great reminder to never fear a number – or anything for that matter.

Fear is the ultimate motivator. All of us have been in situations where fear of failure has propelled us to re-direct our energy into finding a solution.

When you can pinpoint your fears, walk towards them with courage and confidence. You will elevate your life faster than you could have ever imagined. This is the true gift of the number 16/7. Yes, it brings sudden shifts and unexpected events, but these will literally force you to change, to re-spond, to reach deep down and trust your intuition.

Does this mean I recommend current names that add up to 16? No.

What I am saying is – never fear a 16 in your birth numbers or in your current personal year or month. It is a powerful motivator – and a direct path to spiritual freedom.

It will be fun to watch Zoltán Meskó in action on Sunday.

May he inspire others with his inspiring story.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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