Full Moon -Today we have a very exciting event – at 18:17 Universal time the Moon will be full.

What makes this Supermoon so extraordinary are many factors, beginning with the timing.

Just hours before… the Sun enters Leo.

Now, have a look at this amazing numerology code:

— The Full Moon is exact at 18:17, a time that adds up to 17.

— The date of this full moon is 7.22.2013 – which ALSO equals 17/8.

17 is the ‘Immortality Number’ – 17 allows you to manifest on a grand scale with the energy to leave behind a legacy.

There’s more.

The Sun literally just entered it’s ‘home’ sign of Leo. (All Leos are ruled by the Sun.) This lights up and magnifies the full moon even more.

The full moon occurs on July 22, a day which reduces to 4.

Numbers 4 and 8 continue to activate the magnetic code triggered during each and every astro-numerology event throughout July.

So what that does it all mean?

The full moon, a Supermoon, joins with the Sun in its home sign during a multiple activation of the number 17 to bring us closer to our origins – Eternal Light.

17, the Immortality Number, reduces to 8 – the infinity symbol and number of leadership and strength.


     Direct your dreams!

Open your heart and expand your vision to embrace the strong, eternal flame within you.

Know, that you are from the Light.

    Fire up your plans using your infinite creativity.

Moments after the sun, our source of light, enters the realm of its home sign Leo at double zero degrees, your inner light will be powered up by this full moon.

Even the number ZERO is a circle symbolizing the SUN!

July full moon

There are two more astro-numerology events which make this full moon so powerful:

1. With Saturn forming a T-square to the Sun and Moon, your limiting beliefs will be tested. If you are fixed and unable to move, your life and relationships will feel restricted. Observe any tendencies that are blocking you from succeeding at you goals.

Remember July is the month of planning, discipline and manifesting goals in a step-by-step approach.

2. Finally, this full moon is strengthened by Mars in a beautiful way.

Mars joins Jupiter in a conjunction that occurs in Cancer. This formation fires up a magical grand trine in the water signs, which is supporting you all summer long. Confidence in your dreams and creative gifts escalates tremendously with this trine.

Allow Mars to powerfully ignite your creativity and inspiration!

This Full Moon event is an extraordinarily productive one.

Between the stability and organization available to you all month long and the deep creative feelings released now – you have the opportunity to channel a great amount of prosperity, wisdom and inspiration.

Add the fact that July is a 13 Universal Month to the mix – and the experience has great potential to be powerfully transformational.

May YOU shine and prosper!

Much Love,

Tania Gabrielle

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  1. Roseleen July 22, 2013 at 6:19 pm - Reply

    🙂 Super-moon greetings and thank you for yet another insightful and inspirational article. I’m not very familiar with the planets, but it’s always fascinating to hear what you have to say about them. I am a fan of the 13-vibes and did have a great 13th of July with triple 13 vibes present at the event in K.L. I flew for the first time in about a dozen years or so, on the 12th, the day before the event. Overall, it’s been a 13lissful/6lissful year for me so far… …After all the letters in the word bliss add up to 13 in the Chaldean system.
    Speaking of the peace (8+5+1+3+5=22) present in the 22 energy, I really appreciated the peaceful and intuitive vibes of the master 22 energy that was present on the 9th and the 18th of this 7 and 13 (7+ 2+0+1+3=13) month of July. (The Number 9 in traditional Thai numeral,๙, comes with a wiggly tail which represents the ladder to heaven).
    On the 9th, while randomly listening to the radio, the upcoming launch date–8.8.2013–of the I.P.O. of a local Thai restaurant chain caught my attention. As the radio hosts were light-heartedly discussing the unfavorable conditions of the stock market for the I.P.O., I added the numbers 8+8+2+0+1+3 and got 22. Then the word “crash” came to mind. I tried adding the values of the individual letters in the word per the Chaldean and Pythagorean systems and got 14 (3+2+1+3+5) and 22 (3+9+1+1+8) respectively. 22 is the sum total of the 8.8.2013 date and 8.2013 adds up to 14 (8+2+0+1+3=14). Also, August 8 or 8.8 adds up to 16 (8+8=16), the fallen Tower card in Tarot (?). (SET which is short for the Stock Exchange of Thailand, also adds up to 8 in the Pythagorean system). I don’t know if 8.8 2013 (the day Mercury enters Leo(?)) would turn out to be a CRASH-22 day, but a 22-day that sums up to 8 as in the 22nd of July of 2013 doesn’t seem quite as peaceful as the 9th and the 8th of July, which sum up to 22. 22/4 doesn’t seem to sit well with 8. As you have mentioned before, there are unfavorable karmic energies between 8’s and 4’s. Personally I sensed some counter-productive scattered energy verging on restlessness and the unfortunate earthquake in China seemed to be a manifestation of the shadow side of the 22-vibes or what I call CRASH-22. (According to the following report, the earthquake of 5.9 magnitude (5+9=14/5) is said to have killed at least 89 people (8+9=17/8)– http://www.voanews.com/content/china-earthquakes-kill-at-least-22-injure-hundreds/1706416.html).

  2. Roseleen July 22, 2013 at 7:03 pm - Reply

    Speaking of the shadow side of the number 22, and July 22nd (7.22) in particular, I am reminded of this Norwegian incident…
    July 22nd or 7.22 adds up to master 29/11 and 7.22.2011 adds up to 33. Three master numbers 11,22,& 33 were present on that 22/4 day in a 2011/4 year.

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