Welcome to the powerful Capricorn FULL Moon!

This exciting lunation occurs on July 19 in the Americas, close to midnight on July 19 Universal Time (London 11:56 pm) and on July 20 in Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa.

The big message with this full moon is to never hold back – go internal for inspiration and courage, get adventurous with your career and play time, and confidently implement your spiritual mission.

Capricorn rules the Career sector in Astrology – so pay close attention to big shifts in how you go forth and express your calling!

Other highlights:

  • A T-square between the Sun and Moon and Uranus is freeing us – breaking the shackles that we’ve been carrying for so long as we move forward freely, completely uninhibited and independent of outside opinions.
  • The Full Moon forms the most gorgeous triangle with Mars. Mars is the initiator, Mars helps us act and move forward and get things done… so, anything goes – the sky’s the limit… you can do anything you set your heart on!

Be sure to catch your fabulously fortunate July 19th Full Moon Forecast!

Much Love,

Tania Gabrielle