A pivotal Full Moon in Gemini culminates late Thursday/early Friday. Gemini is a mutable sign, signifying fluid, changing energy, so you’ll feel more flexible and adaptable and see things from new perspective.

This is the FIRST of FIVE consecutive Full Moons which are ALL at – the ZERO Point.

  • Just like 29° (the final degree), 0° degree signifies a Pivot Point.
  • Something BIG is shifting in your life over these next months.
  • These five 0° full moons signify both NEW Beginnings and Culmination.

Gemini governs Communication – how we Think, talk to ourselves, share our thoughts and feelings.

Much of our attention is mindless – we are not conscious of what we’re thinking about, so now is a GREAT time to pay close attention to your WORDS and THOUGHTS.

If you’re more negatively inclined – notice how that affects you emotionally. Your vibrational state is SO impacted by what you place your attention on. Switch your focus on projects and people that feel POSITIVE.

At the time of the full moon the Sun conjuncts JUPITER, which just entered its own sign of Sagittarius!

This energy is so OPTIMISTIC, broad minded… your ENTHUSIAM is on a high.

You feel deeply grateful and positively engaged in your future outcomes.

Guard against proclaiming your belief system as the only valid one…

There are SEVEN planets in MUTABLE Signs:

  • Sun, Mercury, Jupiter in Sagittarius
  • Mars, Chiron and Neptune in Pisces
  • Moon in Gemini

Since Mercury is the ruler of this Gemini Full Moon and is currently retrograde, you’ll want to CONSIDER things more carefully.

Mercury squares Neptune which awakens your Imagination and encourages Creative pursuits.

Be sure to focus on FACTS, not FICTION.

  • A powerful T-Square with MARS has a major impact.

The Sun/Jupiter/Mercury are square Mars, and the Moon is square Mars which creates a powerful Triangle of ACTION.

You are fighting for your values, standing up for who you are, fired up about your vision.

You may resist embracing all the change at first. Proceed with confidence. Mars gives you the FUEL to PROCEED unhindered by Obstacles.

Since Jupiter is providing such a POSITIVE impact, this T-square with Mars can be used PRO-ACTIVELY!

Don’t take NO for an ANSWER.

  • Jupiter and Sagittarius ask you to TRUST the PROCESS.
  • Gemini asks you to SPEAK YOUR TRUTH.

This Full Moon will empower you to live your life with total alignment to your SOUL.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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