The genesis of ALL love is friendship.

In 2012 we are experiencing a new kind of relationship, both to ourselves by honoring who we are, and with our friends and lovers.

The capacity to give and receive is greatly magnified this year.

2012 begins and ends with the number 2. It is embraced by the number 2.

What does this mean?

It takes 2 to tango. Number 2 symbolizes communication, peaceful co-existence, co-operation, sensitivity towards others and deep compassion. It encourages exploring the mystical with another, taking time to enjoy beauty in art and nature together, and most importantly – sharing and adoring each other to create supreme feelings of nourishment.

Have a look at the image of the 2.

One curved line, representing movement, conjoins with a straight line firmly planted on the ground.

The joining of the two as ONE creates the magic of any great friendship. The interchange of giving and receiving, movement and rest, listening and initiating – feminine and masculine.

The straight line represents the male, the curved the female.

Here we have the essence of the second number – two people sharing life with complete support and generosity with the goal of happiness foremost in their hearts and minds.

Your love for another expands the love for yourself. No wonder we love to love! We are wired to fall in love with ourselves, over and over again.

Now look at the year we’re in again:


What makes 2012 so unique is that the two 2s embrace the numbers 01.

In the same way as the male and female are represented in the image of the number 2, within the 2-01-2:

The 0 is the feminine principle and the 1 the male

01 forms the computer code.

Circles and straight lines make up the universe.

01 symbolizes Creation, Divine Perfection, God, the
Universal Spirit.

Can you now see why your perception of love and all your relationships are shifting this year? This is BIG! And it is glorious and good. So I encourage you to allow that new experience of friendship and love blossom within your life.

Be OPEN to change and explore.

Remember, 2012 adds up to 5, the number of Freedom, Adventure, Risk and Exploration!

Go for it all year long. Don’t even hesitate. Going for it will take care of your fears.

This is YOUR time to connect with others in a profound NEW way. Move through your hesitation. Work through your resistance.

You will be liberated as a result.

Friendships founded on integrity, adventure, kindness and passion make ALL things in life possible.

Love and Blessings,


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