Pluto square uranus screenshotWith the Uranus and Pluto 90 degree “square” in the heavens exact today, the intensity along with the unexpected is on a high.

This big astrological event occurs on 5.20.2013 in most of the world – a 13 Universal Day.

With 13, the unexpected is pretty much the only thing  you can count on. This number is intensified by 2013 the 13th year of the century!

Here is more on how today’s event affects you:

1. Pay close attention to your experiences and insights. Their messages contain your answers.

2. Whatever you’ve been ignoring or hiding is coming surfacing now.

3. You are being prompted to shift in a new direction.

*May 2013 is an 11 Universal Month – a time for double new beginnings.

*Pluto and Uranus are at 11 degrees – reinforcing the number of “Initiations” even more.

Pluto Square Uranus May 13

Yes, you are truly walking through a gateway into the unknown.

Your future is created by this very moment.

What you are feeling, seeing, perceiving and experiencing now is a healthy tension. This energy is prompting you to pay attention to how you are transforming. Acknowledge every moment as a sacred opportunity to move forward. Let bygones be bygones.

Atonement actually means “at-one-ment”.

Be at one with each moment.

This Spring cleaning is intense, yes – but what you do now will LAST. The 13/4 energy guarantees it.

Your transformation (13) is laying down a strong foundation (4) which is bringing total renewal (11).

Breathe and take it one moment at a time.

Then, watch your abundance expand like never before!

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Love and Abundance,

Tania Gabrielle

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