Happy NEW YEAR! Welcome 2021!

2020 was a 4 Universal Year of responsibility, order and work – a year of restriction designed for you to discover your inner resources – a year of finding innovative ways to live fully in the midst of lockdowns and limitations.

Now, 2021 will be a year of liberation, truth and joy.

In this New Year’s Star Codes episode we explore the mysterious meaning of 2021, including the numbers 21 and 5 (and how Aquarius is in the same frequency family as 5), to reveal how YOU can liberate yourself and explore your soul’s plan for this lifetime.

2021 resonates to a Universal Year of 5 – a vibration brimming with opportunities.

5 is a fast-moving, fluid number in the “Mind” triad in numerology. 5 is designed to lift you into the open, flexible Divine Mind so you take delight in discovering exciting inner and outer resources. These resources help you navigate the exhilarating adventures 2021 is sure to bring.

Nothing is a mistake, so please do not judge yourself or others for whatever choices are made.

Each one of us is having the