What happens when letters go missing from your name? Not from misspelling it. I’m talking about eliminating perfectly good letters.
What if Michael Eisner, Michael Phelps or Michael Jordan had chosen to go by Mike Eisner, Mike Phelps and Mike Jordan? Do you think those shortened names sound better, stronger, more powerful?
Not in the least. They are weaker versions of a perfectly good name. Much weaker versions. Eliminating the letters C, H, A and L is like cutting off one of your legs or arms. Luckily, letters don’t need surgery to be re-attached.
Let’s look at one of the Missing Factors in the name Mike. The letter C, pronounced ‘see’ does indeed see right through the essence in everyone and everything. The shape of the C is like a half-moon, open on the right side so it can see the future. C is also like an open mouth and likes to talk. They may have the tendency to be critical of others and gossip.
People with C’s are creative and prefer professional occupations because they intensely dislike mundane jobs and manual labor – unless it’s creative.
C is like the letter U but on it’s side. Where the U is shaped like a cup and is there to hold energy, C lets the energy flow out. So emotions cannot be held in. This is a great letter for athletes who thrive on achieving their best by channeling their emotions in a positive way.
Here’s an example of someone who revived and restored the energy of his name by re-attaching missing letters.
This letter comes from a client in Japan. He’s gone by the name Ken or Kenny for as long as he can remember. Partly because he was teased in school. This happens to be a big reason people shorten their names. Now he wants to jumpstart his professional life. So he decided to make a change. Here’s what he wrote.
“Hi Tania,
“Yeowza! This is an unbelievable read. So much is true. Inspiring. Uplifting. Insightful.
“I also want to thank you for the intuitive counseling phone call last night on my Pythagorean Numerology Blueprint. Tania, your guidance was the missing link for making my Blueprint become a model to live my life by. You showed me what name I should go by in order to reach the goals and dreams that I shared with you. I can't thank you enough.
“You also helped me work out a small variation in my name for my website, and still maintain the ‘positive creative energy’ of my name. In short Tania, I couldn't have come up with all of this from just reading my Numerology Blueprint. Your guidance not only cemented the foundation, but in addition, put up the walls and the roof. Now it's up to me to fill the home (my life) with success that comes from the vibrations of my name. A very exciting journey you have started me on. Thank you so much Tania.”

Kenneth Taylor
Nagoya, Japan
You’re very welcome, Kenneth. You’ve reactivated an incredible feeling of Freedom in your life. The letters E and N vibrate to a 5, and you’ve now got four in a row, so this is some incredible energy you’re now able to tap into.
Look at the great actor and director Kenneth Branagh or the designer Kenneth Cole – they took great risks to reach the status, fame and success they have now.
Kenneth Cole got his start selling shoes out the back of a 40-foot trailer in Manhattan. Thing is, back in 1982, the only people who could get parking permits from the city were utility companies or production companies shooting feature films.
So, what did Kenneth Cole do? He activated his ‘Don’t Fence Me In’ vibration. With a name like Kenneth, he wanted to come and go as he pleases. That’s the essence of number 5.
He changed his company name from Kenneth Cole, Inc. to Kenneth Cole Productions, Inc. Then he applied for a permit to shoot a film he named ‘The Birth of a Shoe Company.’ He parked across from the New York Hilton and sold 40,000 pairs of shoes. In two and a half days.
His willingness to take a risk, coupled with the powerful leadership energy of the letter H in his name, allowed him to leapfrog every obstacle, and turn each one into an asset.
Your name is a defining factor in your life to be sure. Whether you have shortened your name or not – get the scoop on How your chosen name is affecting you right now. Is it helping you to fulfill your Destiny?
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle French
P.S. Kenneth Cole’s company’s official name is still Kenneth Cole Productions, Inc. in honor of his highly unusual beginning as a 28-year-old pretending to shoot a movie in mid-town Manhattan. Wouldn’t you believe it – that name Also resonates to the risk-taking Freedom vibration. What does your name signify about YOUR talents? There’s only one way to find out. Order your personal Pythagorean Numerology today.

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