The other day I was driving through Oklahoma on route to Arizona with Clay and Claire. In our hotel the next morning I heard about Heather Locklear checking herself in for anxiety and depression.
Which brings me to the following question.
‘Hi Tania,
‘What's so unfortunate about the number 8. And does a name have to be legally changed to create effective change.’
Firstly, the number 8 is not an unfortunate number – it’s a powerful number of abundance, as long as you follow certain rules.
Heather Locklear’s current troubles are an interesting case in point. Her current name ‘Heather Locklear’ adds up to 17/8 – the Immortality Number – guaranteeing her place in television history. For her though, the name comes with a price. Why. Heather has another prominent 8 in her Numerology Blueprint – an 8 Destiny. If she my client, I would have recommended she respell current name.
You see, an 8 name is not recommended when you have another prominent 8 – or 4 – in your blueprint.
If you happen to have an 8 or 4 in your blueprint as many people do, then use a fortunate current name which does NOT add up to 4 or 8, and you’ll be fine. In fact, 8s in a blueprint make you very strong and resilient. Many famous athletes and business owners have this number. So it’s a great vibration.
The ancients considered 8s and 4s the ‘fateful’ numbers. Remember, they only become ‘fateful’ when you COMBINE them with other 4s or 8s, whether in your own blueprint or with other people who have 4s and 8s, as we shall see with Heather Locklear.
Heather Locklear’s 8 Destiny means she should not have an 8 or 4 current name. Though her name DID help her get to the top of her profession as a tv actress, she hasn’t had an easy time of it personally.
Two failed marriages to rocker Tommy Lee and Richie Sambora and Sambora’s subsequent relationship with one of Locklear’s closest friends, Denise Richards, ended that relationship as well. Denise Richards is born on a 17/8 Day – a fateful connection to Heather’s two 8s. Tommy Lee has a 22/4 Life Purpose and 4 Destiny – activating the fateful 4 and 8 connection with Heather.
She married rock guitarist Richie Sambora on December 17, an 8 Day.
So why is everything coming to a head for her now.
Locklear is in a 26/8 Personal Year in 2008. Her 8 year activates the fateful 8 numbers in her blueprint even more. In a nutshell, this year Heather is being asked to confront her fears.
Remember, Locklear’s 17/8 current name is an incredibly fortunate number IF she hadn’t had other prominent 4s and 8s in her blueprint. By prominent I mean your day of birth, your Life Purpose and your Destiny Numbers. If any of those numbers reduce to 4 or 8 – such as the 17th, 13th, 22nd, 26th or 31st use a current name that does not add up to 4 or 8.
As for whether to legalize the spelling of your new name, I usually recommend it. Sometimes your bank and other companies will allow you to respell your first name without a legal change.
Here are links to help you out with your name.
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Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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