Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 9.55.16 AMToday ALL planets move forward in the heavens for 19 straight days!

Jupiter was the final planet to join the celebration, having been retrograde since October 5, 2012.

Jupiter rules abundance, opportunity, expansion and joy.

As a result, you’ll see your business grow, your personal life blossom – and your abundance expand.

This is a special moment in astro-numerology.

Amazingly, the numbers MIRROR what’s happening in the skies:

1. Jupiter is at 6 degrees at the time of the change of direction from retrograde to direct

2. 2013 is a 6 Universal Year of abundance.

3. February, 2013 will be an 8 Universal Month of power and prosperity.

4. The final day all planets move direct (forward is February 17 – a number which adds up to 8 and signifies leaving a legacy behind.

5. Jupiter’s exact degree and seconds at the time it moved forward today was 6’ 20’ adding up to 8!

This astro-numerology formula indicates tremendous growth potential.

Whatever you have been planning, NOW is the time to implement and act on your goals!

For the next 19 days you have a great window of opportunity.

6 looks like a pregnant mother and signifies the birth of new life. We take on more responsibility in a 6 cycle. We can create miracles.

8 is the number of infinity and signifies eternal strength. The upper and lower circle in 8 represent ‘as above so below’.

6 and 8 unify in February, 2013. We are being giving the green light to move forward on every level.

Start…begin… instigate new activities.

Jupiter prompts us to evolve. Jupiter is the ‘ruler’ of the 9th house in astrology – symbolizing expanding your higher education, philosophy, spirituality and your conscience.

Jupiter is the humanitarian, the bringer of joy.

Remember, the beautiful “Finger of God” that was activated in the skies on 12.21.2012? It pointed directly to Jupiter in the 9th house!

Jupiter expands our abundance!

Now that Jupiter moves forward again with all the planets, the symbolism of the ‘Finger of God’ is getting actualized.

(See the video here: )

Plus, the planet Uranus is in great harmony with Jupiter. This adds a zest for change and surprises.

Combining Uranus and Jupiter brings sudden opportunity and unexpected good fortune.

Open yourself up to change.

Reinvent your life.

Look closely at all opportunities coming your way.

Discern which ones are a good fit for you – and then commit fully to them!

Love and Abundance,

Tania Gabrielle

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