In honor of the holidays and as a big Thank You! to you, I am having a special sale this week! From now until Friday you can get up to 40% off ALL blueprints, courses and private readings.

It’s the perfect time to celebrate, because tomorrow a beautiful alignment called the “Finger of God” (or Yod) is formed in the skies.

It occurs precisely during the final eclipse of 2012 – the Gemini Moon Eclipse (which won’t happen again until 2020).

This ‘finger of god’ points directly to the full moon!

Amazingly, another Finger of God is formed in the skies exactly on 12.21.2012 indicating that tomorrow’s Full Moon carries a profound message for us as we approach the end of 2012.

Tomorrow the bottom of the Yod is formed by the planets Venus and Mars. They point to the full moon, with the sun at the ‘handle', opposite the moon.

Note – the Sun and Moon will be exactly at 6 degrees!

6 is the number of Love and Abundance.

With 2013 – a 6 Universal Year – approaching, this event activates the Law of Abundance.

The “Finger of God” formed by Venus and Mars (female and male) and the Full Moon tomorrow at 6 degrees ushers in – wealth and passion!

(See the ‘Finger of God' here.)

So, open your heart to magnificent new opportunities – and celebrate!

For the next 72 hours ONLY save up to 40% on ANY Astro-Numerology blueprints, courses and private readings.

Give yourself and your loved ones the best gift of all – an abundant inner transformation!

Love and Blessings,

P.S. Remember, this special holiday celebration will last for 3 DAYS ONLY.

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