In early April my realtor sent me a list of 11 beautiful homes that were up for lease in exactly the neighborhoods I wanted.

But only ONE of the 11 even qualified as a “maybe” for me.

“What’s wrong with them?”, he texted. I decided to call him and explain.

“So, each address adds up to a unique number”, I explained. “All the homes you emailed me, except one, have addresses that add up to challenging vibrations. And so I don’t even want to go see them… It’s too risky! In case I like them!”

He laughed.

I told him how every number has a specific meaning… and that the influence of an address number sets the tone for your whole living space – and thus the quality of your life.

In other words…. the vibration of your address affects your whole life!

There are specific positive numbers which support you and attract abundance, opportunity and loving relationships. Other addresses have the opposite impact – they emit negative energy and can attract strife in the home, division in your relationships, and obstruct the progress and fulfillment of your goals.

I shared how one of homes I grew up in from age three to eleven was numbered 157, an address that resonates to a very challenging number 13. We experienced much turmoil there, and in the end, this was the place my family life began to fall apart.

On the other hand, a home I lived in up until late last year carried the highly fortunate “Royal Star of the Lion” frequency – number 23.

I experienced a surge of positive shifts while living and working there, culminating in an unexpected move to beautiful Belize which ended up changing my life. Plus I had the best landlord… making everything easy and effortless.

A positive address number elevates and enhances your life. It’s a space where you have room to thrive and grow – where your Soul feels truly at home.

My realtor listened, and his interest definitely piqued!

Within a couple of days of that conversation I found my beautiful new home. It resonates to a really fortunate number 10 – with an added benefit – the capacity to manifest fast!

  • The truth is: the address of your home (and where you work) totally matters.
  • The frequency of that property or office space impacts what you create there!
  • You want your house or apartment number to be compatible with you (and any other head-of-household or partner sharing the space with you).

Imagine knowing how to interpret addresses… And imagine being able to leverage abundance using other numbers in your life on a daily basis!

Like… choosing fortunate airline seat numbers every time you book your flight.

It may seem strange, but even a temporary number in your life affects your life at that time! In the case of airline seats, they influence not only your flight experience, but the trip or vacation that follows.

So, I'm sure you're wondering… what if you have a challenging address? Is there anything your can do?

Fortunately there's a fix.

Placing a specially selected number inside your front door to shift the overall vibration will dissipate the influence of a negative address by enhancing it with a secondary positive energy.

However, you also have to make sure that the new total address number is not only fortunate, but also compatible with your birth code. (It’s actually super easy to do this!)

As for airline seats, hotel room numbers, phone numbers, license plates, etc – those can't be changed once decided upon, so it’s important to know their meaning before committing.

Most importantly, ALL numbers, including price-points of your products and services, will work in your favor and attract abundance IF you know how to activate the secret abundance codes.

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