20091105014848_love natureAs the Sun moves through the sign of Pisces, it is important to feel vulnerable.

This openness is emphasized during an 11 Day as well.

11 is an open doorway, and Pisces is the sign of unconditional love. When you are vulnerable, your heart center is wide open.

An open heart enables Love to be your guide.

Whenever access to your heart center is closed, you feel divided and incomplete because you’re turning to your mind for answers, instead of within, instead of allowing your intuition to help you.

When love guides you, you can explore everything at soul level.

When you meet the world with an open heart, you meet life with the universe as your guide!

Closing that 11 door, closing your heart, means that you have to decipher your life based on your past without any access to the present moment, present consciousness.

11 always reminds us to be consciously engaged with every moment. And we can only be conscious when we are fully present.

Pisces is both a mutable element and a water sign.

With the powerful Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces just days ago (setting the stage for us for the next six months), we are being asked to transform, to change, to open the door –  to be completely vulnerable.

The more open and pliable you are, the more flexible and vulnerable you feel, the more you allow your heart to be your guide.

Pisces is the sign of unconditional love.

11 is the number of being fully present – the double 1 in 11 symbolizes double new beginnings.

As this new chapter in your life begins, you'll be prompted to access the wisdom in your heart and recognize that every detail and circumstance in your life has been created by the universe to help you grow as a spiritual being.

And when Jupiter lay exactly opposite the total new Moon eclipse, both at 18°, a number of unconditional love, it was a clear indication that your soul is expanding with wonderful new opportunities – joyful outcomes created by the universe in such a way to allow you to expand your soul code completely and realize your truth as a divine being.

I'm sure you understand the real significance of many of your experiences – those greater reasons than what initially appears at the surface. This is when love is speaking to you, revealing the mysteries of the universe as they apply to the rhythm of your life.

An open heart stimulates your sense of adventure, brings a twinkle to your eye, and a deep connection with the present moment.

Be vulnerable today, and every day!

Cultivate love in every encounter, in every decision, in all your communication!

No matter what you're placing your attention on – manifesting great health, creating abundance, attracting your soul partner, releasing emotional suffering, healing past relationships – access them with vulnerability, with an open heart, by inviting love into the storyline.

2016 is a 9 year of unconditional love. It is the year you step into your Royal Code.

Allow love to be your guide.

Lead from a place of unconditional love and the universe will provide you with all you need to implement your divine destiny.

You have instant access to the divine when you allow love to lead the way.

Many blessings and hugs!

Tania Gabrielle

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