Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 12.02.55 PMI haven’t been this excited to preview the astro-numerology code for the next month in a while!

December 2015 is going to be extra special.

We will be stepping through the powerful 11 Portal ALL month long.

11 opens up a path in December that leads seamlessly into the birth of 2016, a gateway into the “Royal Code”!

This December 11 gateway month holds a vision:

The light of your soul steps through the 11 portal into 2016 in a royal procession.

11 is the number of Light.

11 governs the delicate nervous system and electricity.

Be totally engaged in your intuitive insights.

Move to the electricity that will be infusing your body, mind and spirit next month.

And, amazingly, 11 is not just the universal month number for the month of December. 11 ushers in winds of change and a newfound understanding of your divinity during the New Moon and Full Moon too.

The 11 Portal is opening wide for both lunations!


2015 adds up to an 11 Universal Month.

And we also will experience…

An 11:11 New Moon (December 11 in an 11 Month)

The Full Moon exact at 11:11 am Universal Time (on Christmas Day!)

This 11:11 activation means December is a month of pivotal awakenings.

(Within the 31 days in December there’ll be several additional days where the dynamic 11:11 Code is activated – pivotal opportunities for renewal, rebirth and ending division.)

And with the birth of the 2016 “Royal Code” only weeks away, the 11 gateway is giving us a VISION of the other side.

You’ll have such a wonderful opportunity now to uncover extraordinary new insights.

Insights that will penetrate your subconscious mind and enable INSTANT SHIFTS – faster and more profound change than ever before. Change that LASTS.

This 11 portal energy is preparing us for 2016 when the number 7 – one of the three pivotal numbers in the royal code – will be the ultimate, sudden “change-agent”.

As we get acclimated to the electricity and light of the 11 in December, our subtle bodies are awakening to timelessness.

When time is no longer a barrier to awakening.

When instantaneous AHA moments take us to the brink of complete present-time awareness.

When nothing is left except our beating heart.

Where a heartbeat is the 11 gateway into timelessness.

Our heartbeats connect us to everything. Everyone.

This is the magic of living only in the moment.

In present time. For more on the extraordinary month of December

For more on the extraordinary month of December listen here to this in-depth recording about December's 11 portal  – it’s in an excerpt from next month's Premium Monthly Forecast (just click the sound-clip under the video).

Know that the Full Moon TOMORROW on November 25 will prepare you to through the 11 portal that begins on December 1.

Have a wonderful Full Moon, Thanksgiving and beginning of December!

Blessings and Love,

Tania Gabrielle

P.S. The Premium Monthly Forecast is a complete A-to-Z guide of every month of the year. Use it to make December your BEST month ever. Access to the complete recording and bonuses here.


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